Training Workshops and Seminars

FitMent Infinity is offered as either a 6- or 12-week courses. Each course is approximately 30-60 minutes long depending on what your company can allot. As mentioned previously the course is presented in either a seminar or workshop based format depending on the course content of the day.

12-Week Lifestyle Revolution Seminar Course

6-Week Revised Seminar Course

The course is divided into 3 main UNITS:

  •  Mental Fitness
  •  Nutritional Fitness
  •  Physical Fitness

The course is then further divided into “Segments”. Each segment represents one seminar for presentation. As an example, the mind unit is divided into 6 segments with the following titles:

 Mental Fitness Unit “Segments”

Week #1: Define and Crystallize Your Vision

Week #2: Forming a Desire and Executing Your Decision

Week #3: Cultivating Confidence In Your Ability To Change

Week #4: Mixing Your Desire with an Unstoppable Mental Presence (The Sub-Conscious Mind)

Week#5: Finding, Identifying, and Eliminating Your Excuses (Habit Change)

Nutritional Fitness Unit “Segments”

Week #6: The Nuts and Bolts of Healthy Nutrition

Week #7: Nutrition Myths

Week #8: Nutrition YOUR Way: The Customization Process

Week #9: Planning, Preparation, Execution

Physical Fitness Unit “Segments”

Week #10: Overview of the New YOU!

Week #11: Lifestyle Change and Exercise Programming

Week #12: Exercise Demonstration

What Each Employee Will Receive:

  • Course Manual: Each employee will receive a course manual that is conducive specifically to the 12-week course but is also usable with the 6-week course. The manual is a compilation of all of the course content and goes into further detail than most seminars will allow. It contains all of the “Action Assignments” that will be presented to the participants of the program. It is a great reference guide and will help the participant stay on track with the course in an easy-to-follow format
  • 24/7 Access to One of Our Experts: Each employee will have the ability to email, leave blog questions, or even call directly to one of our certified FitMent Infinity Coaches at ANY time. We want to make sure that your employees have a helping hand throughout the whole process, and we are here to ensure their success!
  • Blog Access and Newsletter: FitMent Infinity offers numerous blog postings that are geared towards the content of the course. The frequent blog postings provide invaluable content that will help the participant succeed. They will also get access to our monthly newsletter filled with tips, recipes, and helpful advice as it pertains to lifestyle change.
  • Exercise Programs: Each employee will receive either a beginning level or intermediate level workout program if desired. This includes a resistance training program (weight training) and cardiovascular program (cardio) that is suitable and customized for their needs. Advanced programs are not offered for liability purposes and according to the nature of the FitMent Infinity Program. If you are an advanced exerciser, chances are good that you will not need the program in the first place.
  • Coaching For Exercise Programs: Each employee will have direct access to a Certified Personal Trainer to help them with questions concerning their exercise program.

Frequency of Seminar Presentations:

It is recommended that your company receive one seminar per week. These seminars fit well during a “Lunch & Learn” or other company sponsored time as management deems appropriate. You will also have the option of going once every two weeks if necessary, but this not recommended as it disrupts the natural momentum and progress of the FitMent Infinity Course.

12-Week Lifestyle Revolution Seminar Course

Indulge your company in one of the most unique and innovative wellness programs that Utah has to offer. This 12-week course is designed to help change the very nature and culture of your company by offering something that no other wellness program does…MENTAL Fitness that precedes Physical Fitness. Our 12-week course goes into detail about HOW to change mental habits that are preventing the proper health and fitness that your employee’s need and deserve for optimal performance.

The course is divided into 3 Units that address mental fitness, nutrition fitness, and physical fitness (in that order). Each course is about an hour long and is presented in seminar fashion. Seminars are presented in an emotionally compelling format designed to elicit emotion. With the energy of emotion and logic combined, each participant is asked to complete a series of steps via an “Action Assignment.”  Action Assignments are designed to break down the course content into easy to understand steps, thus optimizing clarity and instilling motivation to apply the course content.

FitMent Infinity is designed to elicit LONG-TERM change for your employee’s through 10 basic steps:

  1. Help each participant understand that habitual mental habits must be changed before the body can be changed
  2. Give each participant a step-by-step process/procedure to change detrimental mental habits
  3. Continued accountability and follow-up with an official FitMent Infinity Consultant
  4. Help each participant understand what healthy nutrition is through proper education
  5. Give each participant a step-by-step process/procedure to change detrimental nutritional habits
  6. Continued accountability and follow-up with an official FitMent Infinity Consultant
  7. Help each participant understand the basics of exercise and fitness through proper education
  8. Provide and beginning level or intermediate level exercise program based on American College of Sports Medicine guidelines to ensure the proper safety and compliance of all participants
  9. Continued accountability and follow-up with an official FitMent Infinity Consultant
  10. “Be there” for each participant. If they have questions, comments, or concerns, we are here to help at any time. Each participant will have email, phone, and blog access to one of our official consultants

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*See “What We Do” for more extensive details about our course content.

6-Week Revised Seminar Course

This course is essentially a condensed version of the 12-week lifestyle revolution course. It is less comprehensive in nature but gives your employee’s the essentials and basics of mental, nutritional, and physical lifestyle change. Each seminar has a blend of all three topics (mind, nutrition, body) whereas in the 12-week course each seminar is devoted exclusively to a topic on the mind, nutrition or body respectively.

This is a good option for companies that might want to “test the waters” of FitMent Infinity and assess the value thereof.

Please see the “12-Week Lifestyle Revolution Course for full details of course content.

Free “Pre-Seminar”

The “Pre-Seminar” is a free service of FitMent Infinity granted to your company. It is an actual seminar that is presented to interested participants to help the decision makers of the company make an educated guess as to whether or not the program is suitable for their company. This seminar is NOT a sales pitch in any way, shape, or form. It is literally a seminar that is crammed full of useful information taken from the actual course! We are confident that “seeing is believing”, and once you experience a FitMent Infinity Seminar, you will see the numerous benefits that it can and will provide to your company.

Sign up TODAY for a free Pre-Seminar to learn how we will change the long-term health and fitness CULTURE of your company! Your have nothing to lose…except skyrocketing health insurance and lack of productivity. Let us show you how to change your company CULTURE and thereby you’re BOTTOM LINE!

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Our Offer to YOU!

It would be a great privilege to show you what our service is all about. As such I would like to extend the invitation/challenge to allow us to present a complimentary seminar for your company. This is a no pressure/ no sales pitch way to discover exactly what we do and how we do it. Please contact us:

Griff Neilson, BS, NSCA-CPT, ACSM, EST Owner

FitMent Infinity, Inc.


Cell: (801) 686-2131

Office: (801) 444-2796

To find out how FitMent Infinity can help you change the health and fitness CULTURE of your company for the long term, contact a Corporate Wellness Expert now by calling (801) 444-2796.

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