For Your Back

Exercises for your Back.

Upper Back >

Bent Over Row (Barbell):

Bent Over Rows can also be referred to as Barbell Rows or Rear Deltoid Rows. Whatever you want to call it, the bent over row is one of the Best Back Exercises for building muscle mass or burning body fat. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep your back straight and in a fixed position to reap all the benefits of the lift.

Dumbbell Rows:

Rows are one of the standard movements used to work your major back muscles. We typically prefer barbell exercises to dumbbell exercises whenever possible but we ranked Dumbbell Rows slightly higher than the Bent Over Row on this list.

Mid Back >

Pull Ups:

Pull Ups are one of the most popular and most beneficial body weight exercises you can add to your back workouts. They are one of the truest tests of a person’s functional strength.

Lower Back >

Barbell Deadlift:

When you look around the gym, unfortunately it looks like deadlifts have become a “dead lift.” This exercise or one of our other deadlifts variations should be included in nearly all weight training programs because of their benefits.

Power Clean:

The Power Clean is easily one the best weight training exercises for any fitness goal. Not only is it one of the best back exercises, but it narrowly missed making our Best Leg Exercises as well. In all it calls on your hamstrings, calves, forearms, glutes, lower back, quadriceps, shoulders, traps, and upper back to complete a rep.

Lats >

Close Grip Front Lat Pull Down:

This version of the Lat Pull Down uses a narrow grip to works your biceps more than the traditional pull down. Like traditional lat pull down, you’ll be using the cable pulley.

 This is a great exercise to substitute for Pullups if you are unable to do a full set. The goal should be to build your strength via the Close Grip Front Lat Pull Down so that you can ultimately do these great Body Weight Exercises.

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