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Lifelong Fitness is based on a method that is not faddish or gimmicky. It is, instead based on health and fitness as well as psychological principles that have been, are, and will be valid and reliable for the remainder of humankind. Why? Because these principles have not — and will not — change. This should be good news for you because you now ha

ve an opportunity to cut through all of the noise, clutter, and confusion about fitness and nutrition that you have been exposed to over the years. The answers are here, and they are waiting for you to apply them.


Go to any gym in January and observe the masses. You will likely see many hysterical people of good intention for losing weight running feverishly on treadmills or pumping iron to the point of  nausea. Observe this same gym in mid-March, and what you will

find is something like a desolate ghost town in a western movie. As I have observed this scene

year after year in various health clubs, I always find myself asking: “Where does the motivation to exercise go?” My initial thought is “well, they just don’t have the will power!” Simple enough, but is this really the answer? Over the years, I have been blessed to be a student of human behavior, and I have used this knowledge as it directly relates to health and fitness. What I have found is that human beings are truly creatures of habit. You may have heard this cliché many times, but have you ever thought about what it really means? Let me ask you this one question before you  completely dismiss this crucial concept. Are you completely in control of your daily health and fitness habits? More specifi

cally, are you in complete control of your nutrition, or do you sometimes find it controlling you?


When you walk into a restaurant that comes with both healthy and unhealthy choices, do you always go for the healthy choices? What about your portion sizes? Do you control (on a daily basis) how much food goes into your  mouth? Do you even think about it? What about exercise? Do you find yourself exercising on a daily basis without making multiple excuses? Do you just not have the time? Have you ever started an exercise program only to find yourself abandoning it within six weeks? How does that make you feel? What hap

pens when you have a stressful day at the office or at home, and you know you should work out but you don’t?


Chances are that you face these scenarios more often than not. I have worked with people ranging from 15 to 75 years of age for over twelve years now, and I have heard each and every one of these scenarios and excuses thousands of times. So let me pose the question to you one more time: ARE YOU IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR DAILY HEALTH

AND FITNESS HABITS? If you can honestly answer “yes” to this question, then I will shut up now and you can forget about this book and never look at it again because quite frankly you do not need it. BUT, if you are among the majority who struggle with these barriers, then I suggest you approach the concepts presented in this book with an open mind. And YES, your mind needs to be changed first before you can effectively change your nutrition and fitness habits.

I appreciate your open mindedness. Now it is time to drastically change the way you view health and fitness. Hang tight: Your life is about to change forever.

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Our sub-conscious mind is responsible for 96-98% of all of our habits and behaviors REGARDLESS OF OUR DESIRES. We desire to move. We desire to change our lives. We try and try and nothing seems to happen. We throw our hands up in

the air and say, “Screw it! This is just the way I am, and I guess there is no changing me!”


There are two things that you must master in order to get the body of your dreams and live a happy and healthy lifestyle:



  1. Your Mind

  2. Your Nutrition

If, and only if, you master these two integral components of your life, will you ever be able to perfect your body. This book focuses on the former. Many have tried and many have failed because they start at the body first. This book is devoted to helping you change the destructive mental patterns that you may or may not be aware of in your everyday life. We will address your nutrition after this vital component in your life has been mastered. I would strongly encourage you to continue your journey in lifestyle change found in my e-book, Nutritional Lifestyle Mastery.





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