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Why a Personal Training Gym?

An industry-wide deficiency of having inadequate Personal Trainers was the motivational force for Lifelong Fitness founder, Griff Neilson to begin his quest of improving the Personal Training industry. By starting Lifelong Fitness, Griff has committed to a mission of providing the best, most qualified, Personal Trainers, to help his clientele meet their health and fitness goals.

Lifelong Fitness Personal Training Gyms commenced operations in January 2007, and is located in Kaysville, Utah.

“We are planning to dot Northern Utah with these gyms because we firmly believe that we will change the way that people view fitness.”
– Griff Neilson

“As I was serving an LDS Mission in Carlsbad California I observed that many of the people were in excellent shape and that the people of California cared greatly about there physical body and about their health in general. I myself have always been “health conscience”, and the California mindset truly seemed to resonate with me.
I also observed many Personal Training Gyms, and noticed that many of the people that I was teaching were actively attending those gyms. My observation was that most of these people were very fit and vibrant. I wondered to myself if there were any Personal Training Gyms in Utah. To my surprise there were very few, and if there was one it was not well equipped and it was more of a “studio” than an actual gym. This became quite encouraging to me and I went to work with making the dream a reality.” – Griff Neilson Owner Lifelong Fitness

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We are committed to provide you with the best, most qualified and competent Personal Trainer to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


As a local Personal Training Gym we don’t have the budget for an elaborate advertising campaign. This being the case, I (Griff Neilson) am always on the lookout for cost-effective means of advertising my small business.  In 2009 I stumbled upon Thumbtack, a service devoted to helping service based businesses succeed and thrive.  I consider their business to be a “reverse auction” in which a potential client will request a service and the service providers will give the potential client their best sales pitch.  We are honored to be in association with Thumbtack and would encourage any local business owner utilize their services.

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