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Last Christmas, my wife gave me a membership to Lifelong Fitness. Although my kids thought I would be unhappy with the gift, I was thrilled. I have tried many other diets and workout routines and felt that a Personal Trainer would be a step in the right direction. I was absolutely correct. The training and insight I received from the trainers at Lifelong Fitness has helped me succeed. My trainers supervised my workout sessions, and made me feel motivated and accountable. I did not want to ever disappoint my trainer. They taught me about nutrition and exercise and helped me develop a plan that allowed me to see incredible results. My journey is a long one and I am not where I want to be yet, but I feel with consistency and patience and the knowledge learned at Lifelong Fitness, I will get to my desired weight and fitness level. Thank you Lifelong Fitness! -Sid Magill


Jessica Nelson

“My experience at Life Long Fitness has been life changing. I unfortunately was not one of the lucky one’s where dramatic changes occurred in 3 to 6 months. My transformation happened over the course of 2 years. There were times I wanted to give up and definitely times where I felt very discouraged because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to see, but I didn’t stop. He challenged me and told me to be patient and the results would eventually show, and they did.

Griff helped me change my life, with his knowledge, encouragement and support; I was able to gain my self confidence back. I can honestly say after all the hard work and dedication I am very happy with the results. Every day is a new challenge and I am continuing to set goals because this is only the beginning.

Thanks Griff, for helping me get my life back, I have never been healthier or felt this good!”


Leslie Milligan
“I have struggled with my weight since I gave birth to my first child 32+ years ago. I have done all the yoyo diets out there and finally called Lifelong Fitness and got hooked up with an amazing trainer Rachel, who taught me a lot about nutrition, weights and best of all she taught me how to run! This gym is like joining a family, I have never met so many wonderful trainers! They all want to see you succeed and make a commitment for life to better yourself. They all bring something to the table and are all amazing! I have reached one goal and am aiming for the next! The path is paved in gold with Lifelong fitness trainers!”


Matt Pack
Working with Ryan at Lifelong fitness has been a massive factor for change in my life. I knew that I could stand to lose some weight and eat healthier foods. When I stepped on the scale and it spit 325 back at me I knew it was time to take action. I started limiting the things I ate and watching my diet more carefully but it wasn’t enough. The nutritional changes and exercise regimen needed something formal and tailored for me. Ryan was able to modify my foods and still keep us eating things that we enjoyed as a family. He took the time to understand my body and teach me how to take care of it the right way. I now know when and how to eat; and understanding my body has allowed me to drop down to a current 280 and I’m looking forward to the 260 mark sometime this fall. I love the LIFE-LONG changes, education, training, support, encouragement and results that I get at lifelong fitness!


Briant Carter
For the past 55 years I have struggled to build up muscle with limited success. I felt I had a sufficient knowledge of weight training and nutrition but I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. I kept wondering if I was pushing myself hard enough or working smart enough. I was getting old and felt time was running out for me so I decided to hire a professional. I was not impressed with the options I had in Salt Lake City and Lifelong came highly recommended. I was expecting help to better manage the basics however I was surprised to learn how multi-faceted my task would become. Hiring a personal trainer was the missing link in my efforts. A peace of mind has come in knowing that given my circumstances, this is the best shape my body can be in and that my actions are effective and tailored specifically to my goals and constraints. My trainer, Griff, is an incredible mentor who has guided me through roadblocks I never knew existed; to a point where I am finally seeing results from my efforts and feeling more comfortable with my body.


Brian Dangel
Lifelong Fitness is the best!!! The trainers are very knowledgeable and I can ask any questions without it being a “dumb” question. I have learned what I need to do to be healthy and strong and I love it!! Thanks LLF!!!


Rachel Burress
I was not only able to pass the police academy fitness test, but I look and feel better than I have in years. Working out with Griff has given me the confidence to be successful in my career and achieve the body that I have always dreamed of having.


Julie Jackson
By my mid-forties I weighed 248 lbs, was totally inactive, had little muscle tone, and was very concerned about my health…not to mention my appearance. Now I feel stronger, have more self confidence and look better than I ever dreamed.


Derek Campbell
Working with my trainer at Lifelong Fitness I was given a plan and reached my goals working smarter not harder.


Heidi Yeates
After having 3 kids and indulging my sweet tooth far to often, I was unhappy with my body and low energy level. After working with Griff I have the knowledge to continue my healthy lifestyle and succeed in the long run.


Eric Nelson
In under a year, Lifelong Fitness helped me shed 40 lbs of fat and replace it with 10 pounds of muscle. My workout is infinitely more effective now. Lifelong Fitness helped me set and accomplish my goals, and their knowledge helped me get the results I want


Gail Child
In less than 5 months I was able to loose more than 20 pounds, reduce my body fat more than 10%, go from a size 8/10 to a 3/4.

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