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Jeremy Nelson

Jeremy Nelson
VP Direct Marketing, Mountain America Credit Union

“Griff has been great to work with as a personal trainer and instructor. He has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and physical fitness. He is a dynamic and passionate speaker and his FitMent Infinity Course provided great insights and motivation to change my eating habits and achieve my goals. Griff worked with me personally on developing a fitness training program and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I look forward to working with him again.”

Jonathan Brouse

Jonathan Brouse
VP Branch Administration at Mountain America Credit Union

“When I began the program with Griff I expected to show up and receive a generic workout plan and a list of do/do not eat foods. Instead what I received was an education on the mind, habits, motivation, and how to make change. I received an education on how nutrition plays into short and long-term health (both mind and body). I also received personalized attention and workout plans designed to meet my “Crystal Clear Vision” (goals).

Without a doubt, Griff “knows his stuff.” On top of that though, he adds a genuine caring for you and your improvement. He is thorough, he follows up, and can teach everyone from the complete beginner to those who have been working out and trying to live healthy for years.

Lynn M. Stephens, SPHR

Lynn M. Stephens, SPHR
SVP, Human Resources at Mountain America Credit Union

“We have been working with Griff and the Fitment Infinity course over the last couple of years. We started out with employees, but we found it so effective that we invited all our senior management team to participate.

Griff has an outstanding knowledge of the subject matter, and his enthusiasm is highly contagious. And it’s not just about the course, it’s also about the follow up. If you’re looking for a way to make a change in your life, and to cover all the angles, Griff is the guy for you. Whether it’s about nutrition, physical fitness, or the mind game of change, he covers them all. I can highly recommend Griff Neilson and Fitment Infinity.”

I highly recommend Griff and his services for anyone interested in making permanent improvements to their, or their employees’ health.”

Damon Vitangeli

HR Manager at Mountain America Credit Union

“We retained Griff Neilson to instruct some of our employees in his comprehensive Fitment (wellness) Class.

From day one, Griff was a motivating force to help our employees change their behavior and get working on their fitness goals!

The class is very comprehensive and provided much more readily “useable” information than any other wellness course we reviewed. Each class was engaging, motivating and offered our employees the most accurate and effective wellness knowledge possible to obtain their short and long-term fitness goals.

Fitment is so effective because Griff intimately understands the importance of how changing our thoughts leads to changing our health.

The feedback from our employees regarding the class was outstanding. Several of the attendees participated in other wellness classes we offered in the past, and all of those individuals commented that Fitment was superior in every way.

If you are looking to implement an effective wellness class that leads to positive changes in employee behavior, I highly recommend Griff and the Fitment course.”

Cindy Nelson

“You have a great passion and inspiring style which truly stands out as the presenter.  You truly care about each person and really help others to know that it is a lifestyle change and it is achievable.”

LuAnn Holtz

“This is the VERY best class I have ever taken because it wasn’t just about eating right or exercising, it was about developing the subconscious so that permanent, lifelong changes can be made. Griff taught true principles that I could understand and apply for the rest of my life. Griff is energetic and passionate and a great example of practicing what he preaches. Along with that is the personal care and concern that he showed to each of us. When you know your instructor is knowledgeable and walks the talk AND wants others to be healthy and happy – it is the ideal situation for lifestyle changes to happen. I will ALWAYS be grateful for Griff and what he shared with our class. I know I am on the correct path now to be healthy in mind, body and soul. THANK YOU!”

Sarah Riddle

“Very motivating, encouraging and inspiring! You give a realistic approach to making lifestyle changes and you didn’t give anyone guilt trips for our slip ups.”


Tony Rasmussen

Tony Rasmussen

SVP at Mountain America Credit Union

“Griff is a passionate and engaging fitness/wellness professional that is dedicated to helping people become their very best. The FitMent Infinity program focuses on empowering people so they can make better lifestyle choices that will improve health, fitness and overall wellness. This powerful principle-based program is not limited to just physical health however, and can be applied to virtually any aspect of life. Regardless of where you (and/or your company) are on the wellness scale, Griff’s FitMent Infinity program can help you attain new heights. Never satisfied with an “out of the box/one size fits all” approach, Griff’s attention to detail and willingness to customize for each organization and individual make Fitment Infinity a truly remarkable experience you won’t want to miss! Begin to see yourself differently and achieve things you never thought possible.”

Whittney Fadel

“This course was amazing and has forever changed my life.  I would recommend it to anyone as an overall life changer.  The way that I have learned to see things differently is incredible and I will be forever thankful.”



 Headwaters Inc


Catherine Larrabee

“Griff, I am profoundly grateful I took the Fitment course. It has given me the tools to launch me into a new me. Following the suggestions and the reading material I can see changes for the better already. The journey of a “Thousand Steps” has begun. I would recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to change their fitness level and health. (and any other behavior that is in need of modification). Thank you for sharing your passion!”

Barbara Green

“The six week wellness program with Griff and Fitment Infinity was great! At the end of the six weeks I wish I had signed up for the twelve week course. During the six weeks I was given the knowledge and tools I need to be successful in my achieving any goal I set for myself. The biggest difference in this program is conditioning your mind first. It made sense to me that your mind has to be fully engaged for any type of long term success. The nutrition segment gave me the knowledge I needed to make lifelong changes to my eating habits. By understanding how your body works when breaking down food makes it easy to see how unhealthy other types of “diets” are. I no longer want to try every diet fad that comes around. Griff gave us some great workout schedules and demonstrations on how to get started with a good exercise program. I really feel empowered to be able to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime. Thanks!”

Kathy McPhail

“You really have provided the missing link for me with the mind connection. It was powerful when you talked about being “all in” and committed to making the changes you want to see in your life. It is easy to procrastinate or make poor excuses and you have taught me a heightened awareness of what I am doing when I do that, which is a positive step to eliminating those behaviors so that I can reach my goals with no excuses. I am finding myself reading labels on my food way more often — and putting that item back on the shelf a lot of times for it too. You have tied the weight loss puzzle together in a lot of ways. I loved the course! It was a lot of fun, motivating and helpful to all aspects of life. Thanks, Griff!


James Lepinski

James Lapinski

President at Headwaters Clean Carbon Services LLC

“I participated in Griff’s 12 week course at Headwaters along with my wife and daughter. Griff is passionate about helping people improve their life style. The combination of physical, mental and nutritional lifestyle changes taught in the classes has changed our lives for the better. We are healthier and happier. I highly recommend Griff and this course.”

Reed S. Thomas

Tax Manager at Headwaters, Inc.

“The Fitment Infinity Lifestyle Revolution Course is designed to provide basic nutritional guidelines for a healthy diet and lifestyle; basic guidelines for cardiovascular training and resistance training; and a plan to help you achieve whatever fitness level that you desire. The plan is detailed and comprehensive – it addresses your vision of who you want to be, your confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles, and how to overcome the subconscious habits and excuses that rule our lives.

Griff’s plan cannot make a life transformation easy. Nothing can. If, however, you want to change your life, or if you are comfortable where you are, but want to learn more about a healthy lifestyle, then take the course. It is worth your time. It is worth your money. And it is worth the effort you put into it.”


“I attended a free, one hour teaser presentation Griff made at our company. I was skeptical and figured that his goal was to sell personal training or coaching services. He was looking to sell something, but it was the corporate wellness, Fitment Infinity Lifestyle Revolution Course. As noted above, the course addresses nutrition, fitness, and the mental aspects of lifestyle change.”


“The nutrition component of the course was useful and eye opening. Griff has synthesized recent nutritional research and presents it in an easy to understand format. Most information is not too technical, and is fully accessible. He convinced me to be wary of refined, processed foods, and that eating organic produce is the right decision for my family.”


“Griff’s in-class explanation of the fitness component of the course was helpful. His experience as a trainer was obvious in his explanations of resistance and cardio training concepts. He designed resistance training routines for several class participants and came early to demonstrate proper form and technique.”

Mental Mastery

“I believe the high value aspect of the course is the mental mastery component. Griff provides a detailed strategy for changing any aspect of your life. His approach in the course relates to physical wellness and fitness, but the approach can be applied to nearly any want or desire that you imagine.

If you aspire to change your body, change your job, change your outlook, or change your life, Griff provides the recipe. Follow the steps for whatever you want to accomplish, and the plan will adapt.”

Kerry Stubbs

VP Financial Reporting at Headwaters Incorporated

“My wife and I met Griff when we signed up for his signature 12-week fitness course. While we had somewhat different objectives and expectations, at the end of the classes both of us were pleasantly surprised by how much we learned, and more importantly by how much our attitudes and enthusiasm improved in regards to our health. There are three significant things about Griff’s course that differentiate it from all others: First is the emphasis on the mental aspect of fitness. Secondly, there is a focus on making permanent, life-long changes, as opposed to “losing weight for the cruise.” Finally, Griff really cares about helping people and it shows in his approach, his teaching style, and his ability to positively influence others. If you really care about living a healthy, happy lifestyle, and are willing to invest a little effort, Griff will help you get there and stay there.”

Barbara Green

Human Resources Director at Headwaters

“Griff did a 12 week course at our corporate office training interested employees how to train your mind to get the results you want in your personal and professional life. The course was geared towards exercise and nutrition, but he uses universal concepts that can translate to any goal you set for yourself.

Griff’s knowledge of health and fitness and how your mind and body work is expansive! He is very enthusiastic and it is obvious that he lives what he preaches. Everyone involved in the class enjoyed it and learned a lot. We were given the tools to carry on with the program and be successful on our own if we apply the principles we learned. Even after the 12 week course was over Griff continues to stay in contact with us to answer any questions we have and to encourage us to stay on a healthy lifestyle journey. I highly recommend Griff as a corporate coach as well as a personal coach.”


L-3 Communications West


“L-3 has really stepped up regarding employee wellness with the Fitment program. It uses an innovative approach to improving health and wellness, one that employees can embrace and internalize. There is a tremendous need for employees to take charge of their health and this program gives them the tools to make change. Each session introduced a new concept to implement healthy lifestyle changes with accompanying tools to help the implementation process. Griff and his team do a great job to encourage and support participants in the search to make the changes to better health. They do a great job. Every employee can find at least one take-a-way to improve their overall wellness. Way to go Fitment!!!!!!”

Drew Brown

“The Fitment Infinity team made me feel comfortable and from the start. They taught me a new way to looking at my environment that helped me improve my mood, my outlook, and my confidence. The program is high energy and explains things in a way I understood the concept. I also learned how to differentiate the types and values of different foods and how to coordinate them so I feel better.”

Piper Smith

“Excellent overall program. I appreciate the emphasis on mental focus and how it ends in results.Excellent instruction on crystallizing goals and emphasizing positive thoughts. I really liked the instruction on nutrition, and now always pay attention to glycemic index. It got me exercising most days of the week and I feel a lot better. Definitely a life changing experience!”

Brent C. Higbee

“My favorite part of the course was learning how my mindset drives how I feel. When I practiced being grateful for the things I have, I felt better and made the effort to change other elements in my life that were holding me back.”


“The program gave me great tools to use in every aspect of my life – I learned to create an attitude that will help me succeed with weight loss, family, work or any endeavor I take on. Being diabetic I have a good knowledge base concerning food but was given great information that was new to me and will improve my health in so many ways and the exercises were simple and effective. The Guys energy is infectious – total motivators!”

Ginger Long

“In the 4th week of this course I suddenly became aware of all the excuses I use that prevent me from accomplishing my goals. It was then that I knew I could achieve whatever I wanted, and although it would not be easy, it would be done. The very next day I ran a mile and it was painful. So were the next 3 weeks, but 3 months later I ran 12.5 miles and am preparing for a Half Marathon next month. Cold weather, dirty air, busy schedules were simply excuses. This course is not something that needs to be repeated to achieve results. It’s a toolbox for a way of life. Best of wishes Griff. May you have an effect on many lives.”

Diana Clinch

“The most significant part of your message for me is the mastery of the mental game. When I looked at how I talked to myself I realized “who needs enemies? I have me!”

The first muscle to train is our mind. And for that reminder I thank you. I have since done 2 half marathons (Moab Half and SLC Half). I am holding steady at my ideal weight without having to “diet”.”


Top Vue (small)

Top Vue Defense


Bryan Sever

Bryan Sever

Technical Lead at Top Vue Defense, Inc.

“The FitMent Infinity Corporate Fitness manual/course matches the passion that Griff has for physical fitness, nutrition and well being. I recommend this course and instructor to any business or association. 

This one-two (manual + Griff) knockout punch has set me straight on many of my own misconceptions about fitness. The focus and energy transfer from following the course has flowed into the work environment by unlocking physical and mental capabilities. This has contributed greatly to my own happiness and to productivity at my place of employment and in the home. 

The course is great at looking at the mental aspects. Get your heart set on a lifestyle change and you will reap benefits beyond just physical fitness.” 
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Angela Smith

“Griff was hired to do a 12 week wellness course for our company. He provided us with valuable tools and information about fitness and nutrition. He was professional, encouraging and dedicated. In addition to teaching the group course, he offered personalized one on one training for anyone who was interested. I would love to work with him in the future and highly recommend Griff and his company!”


Scot Penrod

Scot Penrod

President, Natural Selection LLC

“Griff is a man with a lot of passion for what he does. He is more than a personal trainer, he is an expert with nutrition and physical fitness. With his energy, he will get you and your employees engaged in learning how life can be improved through proper nutrition, diet, exercise and a mindset change from the constant barrage of fast food commercials and instant gratification society in which we live today.
Griff can open your eyes to a better life, answer your question about nutrition and is always a shining example of the things he teaches. Easy going, friendly, personable, knowledgeable and inspiring. You couldn’t ask for a better physical trainer or corporate wellness speaker than him.”

Brad Ward

Software Engineer and Project Manager, TopVue

“This program offered knowledgeable and detailed information about overall health and fitness.  Great for both beginners trying to change their lifestyle or advanced athletes trying to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level.  It was an honor to go through this program and I would do it again!”


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