Who We Are

We Are Corporate Wellness Experts!

FitMent Infinity’s Corporate Wellness Services Are Guaranteed to Decrease Your Waist Line, resulting in a Better Bottom Line.

We will maximize your corporate wellness program quickly

Griff Neilson founded FitMent Infinity with one thing in mind…show businesses that corporate wellness programs can be effective. He’s spent years honing his program, which is ready to make a difference.

Our clients choose to work with us because:

  • We practice what we preach…We are corporate wellness and fitness fanatics.
  • We are on the leading edge of the corporate wellness area of expertise.
  • We deliver results to our clients – guaranteed!

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To find out how FitMent Infinity can help you change the health and fitness CULTURE of your company for the long term, contact a Corporate Wellness Expert now by calling (801) 444-2796.

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