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1. Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Lifestyle!

Any gym can offer you equipment and a decent place to work out.  Any personal trainer can give you a “killer” workout and push you to your physical limitations.  What makes Lifelong Fitness unique is that our number one focus is LIFESTYLE CHANGE!


Without changing your long-term exercise and nutritional habits, you are doomed to revert to your old habits.  And this is key. You must change your long-held habits if you are interested in:


-Losing weight


-Eating better


-Feeling sexy again


-Increasing your energy


-Improving your self-image


-Regaining your “edge” on life


-Boosting your mood


Changing your lifelong habits definitely can be challenging and difficult. The good news is that we help YOU replace your old habits with new, healthy, and sustainable ones.  At this point you will not need us anymore, and you can send us on our way!


We consider ourselves “lifestyle coaches” first and personal trainers second.  That is not to marginalize the importance of having a great personal trainer, but our focus is to help coach and mentor you through the obstacles and barriers that have precluded you from the lifestyle that you enjoy.  We use a systematic coaching model based on lifestyle change.

2. Nutritional Coaching

We all have different goals, whether they are weight loss, toning, athletic performance, or increased energy.  Regardless of your goal, nutrition is and always will be 80% of that goal. As the saying goes, “you can never out train a bad diet.”


Our approach is to help you understand, appreciate, apply, and sustain healthy eating habits for the rest of your life.  We are committed to teaching you HOW to eat well and to mentoring you through the whole process. In short, here is what you can expect to gain from our 6-week

Nutrition is Life Training Series”:

Week #1: Customization

You will be given a customized:

-Calorie range

-Macronutrient ratio (carbs/protein/fat)

-A guided tour of how to track your food. This guided tour can be found on  You will commit to track your food so that both you and your trainer can identify weak areas in your daily diet. Based on your individual needs and strengths, your trainer will coach and guide you to a more nutritious, healthy diet. This is one of the most important parts of our Lifestyle Revolution Program.

What this means for YOU:

You will be taught how to customize a personal calorie and macronutrient range to use throughout your life.  When you begin to track your foods, you will become conscious of what is going into your mouth and how it is affecting your health and fitness goals.

Week #2: Understanding the Importance of Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Your trainer will teach you how to select carbohydrates and other foods based not only on your unique goals specifically, but also on your overall health and fitness generally.

What this means for YOU: This is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT health factor that you will ever learn!  Whether you are looking to cut fat, build muscle, or better your health, you MUST understand this concept. We will teach you how to control it naturally through your diet so that you will not be forced to control it later in life through medication or severe nutritional measures.

Week #3: Frequency of Eating, Meal Planning, Meal Preparation, and Execution

It is an inescapable fact that we live in a fast-paced culture where most of our food comes “on the fly.”  In this module, you will learn about the importance of being STRATIGIC about your eating. You will learn the WHATS, WHYS, and WHENS of eating, and you will be given practical strategies to assure that this happens in your daily life.  Furthermore, you will learn the following:

-How to consciously and intentionally prepare a healthy meal

-Weekly planning (macro-planning)

-Daily planning (micro-planning)

-Eating conducive to your busy schedule

Week #4: The Importance of Fruits and, Especially, Veggies!

This is certainly common sense but by no means common practice.  Your trainer will set goals to implement adequate veggies and fruits into your nutrition and teach you the value of making these the foods the very FOUNDATION of your diet!

Week #5: Sugar Intake and Processed Foods

In America, it is easy to eat sugary and highly processed foods.  In fact, 70% of all foods consumed in America is either sugary or processed and, oftentimes, both.  You will learn about the difference between whole/natural foods that are conducive to good health. You will also learn about processed/enriched foods that are detrimental to your long-term health and well-being.

-Grocery Store Coaching:  You will have the option to use one of your sessions to go to the grocery store with your lifestyle coach and be taught about proper selection.

-Learn the 80/20 method of natural to processed foods

Week #6:  Applying Consistency to Obtain True Lifestyle Change

-Learn to stay consistent and persistent in your pursuit of lifestyle change

-Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

-Learn how to stay consistent in the face of “life” 

3. Trainer Qualifications

The personal training industry is wonderful because it helps millions of people find and sustain better health and fitness.  This is the good news. The bad news is that this same industry lacks professional oversight and credentialing requirements. What this means is that any old “Joe” can become a trainer if they pass a nominal knowledge test that takes no more than a day or two to study for.

One of the main reasons Lifelong Fitness was established was to counteract this negative industry trend.  All trainers that enter within the walls of Lifelong Fitness must have the following credentials:

A: A 4-year college degree from an accredited university in Exercise Science

B: They must have formal college nutrition or holistic training.  Most of our trainers have a minor in nutrition and continuing education in the field.  We are NOT Registered Dietitians and our job is not to diagnose, treat, or prescribe. Our job is to teach you the fundamentals of healthy nutrition that are 100% relevant to your life.

C: They must hold a certification from accredited certifying bodies such as the following:

-The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

-National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

-The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

-The C.H.E.K. Institute

In short, our trainers carry a higher level of credentials than do ordinary personal trainers that you will find at big-box gyms.  Come and consult with one of them, and see if they are a fit for your needs!

4-Exclusive Features of Lifelong Fitness Personal Training Gym

A: Once-Per-Week-Training

A typical strategy that many big-box gyms use to get clients to sign up is to have them initially train with a personal trainer for 1-4 sessions to “get them started.”  While in theory this might sound okay, in reality, it sets up the client for confusion, injury, and frustration.

True personal training respects that everybody is different and, therefore, each person needs a customized workout.  Workouts also need to be varied often so that the body does not adapt and plateau. With this in mind, we require our clients to train at least once per week.  You can train more than this if you desire. In this way, we can remain consistent and help you reach your goal and change your lifestyle!

B: 24/7 Gym Access with a purchase of 20+ Sessions

With the purchase of 20 or more sessions, you will be granted 24/7 access to the gym at no additional cost.   No need to pay for a separate gym membership or pay initiation fees. This is a feature unique to Lifelong Fitness Personal Training Gym.  If you train only once per week with your trainer, but your exercise program calls for 5 times per week, you can come in those additional 4 times and use the gym free of charge!

C: Family-Friendly Environment

At Lifelong Fitness we understand that everybody is different.  We understand and respect that clients come to us with different shapes, sizes, and personalities!  We promote an environment of friendship, warmth, and belonging. Ask anybody that has joined Lifelong Fitness, and they will affirm this simple truth.  So if the typical gym environment does not appeal to you, feel free to call us for a free trial to experience the LLF difference!

5. Accountability

As mentioned earlier, we use a coaching model based on helping you change your lifestyle.  One of the greatest benefits of hiring a Lifelong Fitness Personal Trainer/Lifestyle Coach is that you will receive weekly (or daily) accountability for both your nutritional and exercise programs. Your trainer will set initial goals with you and continually follow up with you to make sure that you are progressing and advancing towards your goals. If you hit a roadblock during your program, your trainer will systematically help you find the root of your problem and set goals to help you surpass your difficulties.


6. Tailored Approach

Although we offer a full line of lifestyle coaching, we will customize your experience to your expectations.  Throughout my career and from various clients I have been told, “I am not interested in the coaching. I just want to have somebody help me workout in a safe and effective manner.”  While we will always try to promote the full breadth of our services, we respect that we will have to focus more heavily on some aspects of our program with some and less with others.

7. Sport - Specific Training

Consider yourself an athlete? It doesn’t matter what your sport is; our trainers will take your game to the next level with sport specific training. We have trained marathon runners to linebackers, and in each case, we help them reach their true sports’ potential. The following is just one example:

“Griff’s personal training methods resulted in measurable improvement in my ability to compete in the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Racing Series over the last three years. Prior to working with Griff, I typically placed near the back of the pack in each race. Although I enjoyed mountain bike racing, finishing each race was a struggle, both mentally and physically. My wife, who was training regularly with Griff, suggested that I inquire into his recommendations towards achieving greater success. After just one season under Griff’s personal training, I have moved into a 5th place overall in the IMC and have maintained that position throughout the last two years.

I mountain bike with confidence due to Griff’s personal training which was tailored precisely for my mountain biking style. It is not unusual for someone in the gym to inquire why we are doing things differently or seemingly odd to their routines, but the results speak for themselves. They rest on Griff’s personalized dedication to meet your needs. Seize the moment, and see for yourself.”

– Karl Heinz (actual client of Lifelong Fitness)


If you are an athlete, you need a trainer who knows how to program correctly for your sport. Sport-specific training is drastically different from training for general fitness purposes, and it should be programmed as such…specific to the movements that you will be performing, specific to the velocity, duration and so forth. If you truly want to take your sports performance to the next level meet with a Lifelong Fitness Sports and Conditioning Specialist today!

8. Youth Training

With so many pervasive myths about the safety and efficacy of youth training and sport specific training, we feel that it is our obligation to provide your child with a Fitness Professional or Strength and Conditioning Specialist that will design a program APPROPRIATE for their age, ability, and experience.  Leave worry behind, and know that they are in good hands learning lifestyle skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

9. Post-Natal Training

Are you ready to get your pre-baby body back? Let us show you how we can help you get back to an even healthier and fitter “normal.”


We specialize in lower abdominal techniques advocated by the CHEK institute that can help in the aesthetic appearance of your abdominal region. Many women do endless crunches and crash diets to get back to the shape that they were in previous to being pregnant. The problem with this is that neither approach works. A balanced and holistic approach must be taken. These steps include:




No “diets. No ultra-low calories. No deprivation. Just good old-fashion clean eating that can be fun and rewarding as you watch your body shape back up to the way that you have always envisioned it.




What does that mean you may ask? Think of the core as you would an onion. It has many layers from your inner abs (transverse abdominus) to the outer layer (rectus abdominus).


The problem is that most people train the core as if it were one muscle group rather than the complex unit that it is. If trained incorrectly for sustained periods, abdominal muscles will develop imbalances that lead to posture problems, which, in turn lead to neck, shoulder, and lower back problems. Your trainer will get you on a balanced core training program that will not only improve the appearance of your core, but also the everyday function of it.

You will get your body back! We are confident of it.

10. Customized One-On-One Training Programs

Our foundation training focuses on muscle balance and whole-body strength and endurance.


HYPERTROPHY CYCLE: Hypertrophy is designed to maximize muscle tone and increase aesthetic appearance. This cycle is typically 6-12 weeks long and requires a good foundation.


FUNCTIONAL TRAINING CYCLE: Just want to feel better and be able to move around more freely and with more energy? Then this cycle is for you! Functional training is based on movement patterns that you use everyday, such as picking up a bag of groceries. This cycle is extremely entertaining and known for its quick results.


ENDURANCE CYCLE: Endurance training is tailored to compliment any endurance-based sport, such as running or cycling and is necessary to build optimal levels of muscle endurance and stamina.


POWER CYCLE: This is designed to increase the speed and efficiency of your muscles. It is particularly important to athletes priming for their sports, but also applicable to general fitness because this cycle will compliment your overall muscle balance and health.


STRENGTH CYCLE: This cycle is designed to increase maximum muscle strength. Athletes of all varieties will benefit from this cycle as it will give you strength gains beyond what you thought was possible.


These training cycles are listed generally to give you a brief overview of what we can do for you. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Your training program will be tailored to your exact needs and goals.


Perhaps the number one reason to consider Lifelong Fitness is that we truly care about you as an individual. You are not a number to us and our mission is to prove that! Give a chance to prove ourselves right!

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