Hey all!  Happy Friday and I hope you all had a great and healthy week!  If you did not have a healthy week then shame on you slacker! J  I actually had a fantastic week as we landed a Corporate Account that I feel will be great.  Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed last week’s blog entry and I really hope that it got you thinking.  This week I will continue by disclosing the top 4 ways to screw up your health and fitness.  So sit back, relax, and then get off your butt!

#4 Exercise So That You Can “Eat Whatever You Want”!

I really hope that the vast majority of you reading this are smart enough to know that this is not true.  For those of you that have fallen for this “myth of myths”, take comfort…there is still hope and I still love ya!

The simple fact is that nutrition accounts for about 80% of your health and fitness success.  You can start doing crunches right now until you turn blue in the face and I guarantee nothing good will happen to your abdominal region unless you ditch the soda pop, donuts and fried pork chops!  You see, simple math is not in your favor with this logic.  For example if you opt to eat a large donught (which is ok on occasion) you will have to run approximately 3-4 miles at a moderate tempo (depending on your body type and fitness level) to burn it off!  Is that worth it for you?

I have known countless clients that have been acquainted with grief because they refuse to believe the simple fact that nutrition is 80% of their progress.  They often nod their heads in agreement, but inwardly they say to themselves, “Yea, but life is to be lived, so I am going to train hard and eat what I want”.  That my friend is a recipe for disaster!  Sugar coat this one anyway you choose but chances are good that you will end up on the wrong side of the weight teeter totter at the end of the day.

#3 Drink Soda Pop, Juices, and Alcohol in Excess!

I can hear you now…”Griff did you just lump soda pop, juice and alcohol in the same sentence?”  In short YES!  You see my friends, the fact is that soda, juice, and alcohol is metabolized in much the same way…primarily by the liver.  With the exception of soda pop, minimal amounts of fruit juices or alcohol is not going to harm your fitness efforts, but when you start to get too friendly with any of these, your liver gets overwhelmed and it is not able to keep up with the metabolic demand placed thereon.  The end by-product is fat on your thighs, cellulite on your butt, and a double chin that would make Jobba the Hut jealous!

The Solution?  Go for plain water and skim milk.  For those of you that are lactose intolerant almond milk will suffice as well.  Just be sure that you get a good source of complete protein elsewhere.  Boring you say?  Get over it! Unless of course you want guaranteed weight gain, or best case scenario, stagnancy!

#2 Blame Your Genetics!

This is by far the biggest scapegoat that I have ever witnessed as a health and fitness professional.  Bar-none.  Period.  I have heard everything from “my family is big-boned” to “my Dr. told me that I have a genetic disorder that makes it impossible to lose weight”.  Let me be very bold and politically incorrect here…BS!  You DO have the ability to change your health and fitness and to take control of your life.  Yes, you may have a genetic predisposition that makes weight loss hard for you…nobody is arguing that.  What I am arguing is that the vast majority of us overweight/obese American’s have the ability to get our butts off the couch and into motion!

Please do not make this pathetic excuse for the love of everything decent, honest and REAL!  My suggestion?  Get rid of the politically correct nonsense that is out there and take charge of your life.  Do not succumb to this “path-of-least-resistance”.  It all starts with a DECISION!  Make the decision today regardless of whether your mother looks like Rosie O’Donnell or Taylor Swift! J

#1 Make Excuses

Do you want to totally screw up your health and fitness?  Start making excuses.  Wayne W. Dyer in his masterpiece book, “Excuses Begone” defined excuses as “an option out of the life that you would like to live”.

Yes, you do have time…you just have not prioritized your life enough to allow the time for exercise.  Yes you can afford to eat healthy…just stop eating out and use the money you save to eat more healthy.  Yes, you can eat healthy even if your family and friends are not on your side (even though it makes it much harder) you just have to realize your independent will and execute it daily despite opposition and ridicule.  Yes you can exercise even if you have a hectic work schedule…the fact is that you do not have any energy after work BECAUSE you do not exercise…add in the exercise and watch your energy levels sore!

I could go on for days on this subject.  The fact is that we are all excuse makers…we just have to realize it and stop doing it.  Be aware of the plethora of excuses that come out of your mouth…this is your first step.  The next step is to do the opposite of what your excuse-making logic tells you.  Only by confronting your ill-advised excuses and doing the opposite will you ever have a chance to change your lifestyle.

Well there you have it my friends!  I hope you enjoyed my candid and blunt article today.  If you find yourself falling into any of these ten traps, please take the necessary steps to get out of them for your own well-being…you are worth it my good friends!

Life is good!



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