3 Question’s You Must Answer YES To If You Want To Get In Shape And STAY There…

Back in my early 20’s I found myself in the worse shape that I had ever been in.In your early 20’s Griff?
Isn’t that when you are supposed to be in the best shape of your life?


But the good news is that I learned a very valuable lesson by getting out of shape and then having to start over.

I began that process by asking myself 3 very important questions that have literally changed my life from the time that I honestly answered them and ACTED on them!

Now, before I reveal the 3 questions I want to speak to you directly for a moment because if you are reading this post then it is likely that you are looking to make changes to your health and fitness as well.

Have you ever noticed that it is super easy to fantasize about getting into better shape?

You probably know exactly what I mean right?

You see yourself fitting into the clothes that you want to wear. You feel yourself having more energy, being more attractive to your significant other and eating healthy foods.

This is the easy part…

But then it comes time to make the change and although you are quick out of the gates because you are filled with motivation and hope you quickly find that your gas tank of motivation quickly depletes and your passion for making change has reverted back to a passion for ice cream and popcorn when you get stressed.

Sound familiar?

I don’t say this to make you feel guilty or to cause you to judge yourself. I bring this to your attention because if you have found yourself repearing these patterns, I can gaurantee you that the following 3 introspective questions can and will change your life if you do two things.

#1: Answer the questions boldy and honestly. In other words don’t BS yourself on these. If the answer is no, then the answer is no. It is not a “kind of” or “sort of”. These REQUIRE a yes or no answer.

#2: Once you know the answer then it becomes your responsibility to ACT on that answer. In other words what must you do to make your “No” morph into a “Yes”?

And Now For The 3 Questions….

Question #1: Am I willing to commit to a LIFETIME of health and fitness?

In other words, it is time to ditch short-term and faulty thinking such as, “I just need to get in shape for Hawaii”, or “I really need to lose weight so that I can fit into my dream wedding dress”

This is a deep and penetrating question that asks you to commit to a LIFETIME of healthy eating, exercise, positive mental habits and continual ACTION.

I know, I know…it’s a lot to ask.

That is why I lead with this question, because if you answer no to this question you may as well fold up your tent of hopes and dreams because nothing else matters.

Question #2: Am I willing to sacrifice my current lifestyle of COMFORT and be UNCOMFORTABLE until I establish healthier habits?

Living in the fast paced 21st Century it is easy to fall into a mindset of entitlement. We tend to want things NOW without any sacrifice, discomfort or hard work.

I know this may sound brutal but it is true.

To answer YES to this question requires a thourough understanding that you will be entering into a new LIFESTYLE that will require a LOT of hard work at first.

Your eating habits will need to change which will require planning, time and effort. So YES, you will likley be uncomfortable at first and possibly even frustrated because you will have to step out of your comfort.

Question #3: Am I willing to stay committed to my healthy lifestyle even when life get’s in the way?

You may find yourself wanting to answer this question with a knee-jerk reactive “YES of course I will!”

But this question demands much more respect than that.

Think about it for a while.

What will happen when work picks up for you and your boss is breathing fire down your neck to complete a project before a deadline? What you will you do when your kids act up and make your life a living hell? What will you do when you get sick and then have to get back on the wagon after it subsides?

What if you have an unexpected death in the family that emotionally rocks you to the core?

I KNOW that these are sensitive questions but they need to be asked.

If you realistically hope to stay healthy and fit for the long-term then you must be willing to make it a TOP PRIORITY REGARDLESS OF HOW HECTIC OR CHOATIC life becomes.

Whew…okay…that was a lot…I know.

But if we hope to make long-term changes to our lives then we MUST be willing to ask the hard questions.

I Want To Hear Your Comments On This…

So please chime in and let me know your answers to these profoundly important questions…

After all…

Your health and fitness lifestyle depends on it!

Life is Good!


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