It’s 2020 and most of us still view weight loss as a simple equation of “calories in vs calories out”.

And while that does play into the overall weight loss picture it is FAR from the entire puzzle.

Today I want to remind you of 5 forgotten weight loss practices that not only affect your weight loss efforts but also contribute significantly to your overall health and fitness.

Forgotten Weight Loss Practice #1: Deep restful SLEEP!

This one does not make sense for a lot of people because they are still stuck in the archaic “calories in vs. calories out” method of weight loss. But lets just think about this for a minute shall we? When you are in a deep state of restful sleep you are literally repairing your physical body and your mental capacity, both of which are needed for optimal health and fitness.

When you get deep restful and uninterrupted sleep you allow your body to do the following:

-Balance your hormones (which are essential to muscle repair and growth)

-Clear your brain of accumulated plaques (called amyloid plaque) that eventually lead to dimentia, not to mention motivation killing brain fog the next day…

-Joint repair

-Inflammation control

These are just a few of the dozens of physiological benefits that are associated with sleep and yet we are notoriously guilty of skimping on this essential physical commondity.

Forgotten Weight Loss Practice #2: Water Consumption

I have written about this before but I could not leave this out.

When you consider that your very metabolism is 100% dependent on adequate water consumption it becomes a no-brainer to get this fat-burning liquid into your body. As a general rule of thumb you want to consume at least half of your body weight in ounces in water per day. So if you are 200 lbs, then you would be consuming 100 oz of water daily.

Forgotten Weight Loss Practice #3: Blood Sugar Control

Not to beat a dead horse but diet and weight loss industry has made this one easy to forget about.

Without going into WHY this is important let me just say this…

If you believe in the calories in vs calories out method of weight loss, then why has it been proven time and time that when you match up a whole food that comes from nature like a sweet potato that has roughly 120 calories vs. a processed food like a breakfast cereal that also has 120 calories that the whole food promotes more weight loss every time it is tried?

Again there are MULTIPLE REASONS for the greater weight loss with the whole food, but I will point to BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL as your main culprit. Simply put the whole food naturally controls your blood sugar leading to less fat storage while the high glycemic processed food leads to abnormal blood sugar spiking that contributes significantly to increase insulin levels and therefore greater fat storage and inflammation in general.

Forgotten Weight Loss Principle #4: Stress Management

Let’s admit it. 21st Century living is freaking stressful!

This is a problem…

It’s a problem because we human beings are not designed to be in a state of stress 24/7 and yet that is our new norm. When this happens we increase INFLAMMATION, primarily through damage to our gut lining which therefore puts a metaphorical dam on our metabolism.

Remember…our metabolism is a complex interplay of hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes that are heavily affected by our stress load. Do everything in your power to make time for yourself and practice self-care so that your stress levels do not get out of control without you knowing it.

Forgotten Weight Loss Practice #5: Non-Exercising Movement

Here is the American exercise model in a nutshell:

-Go to work….SIT

-Get off work…exercise for 30 minutes (because we have all bought into the “I don’t have a lot of time for exercise” belief.

-Go home….SIT

This is NOT how our ancestors lived. We were forged and molded as physical beings that are intended to move regularly throughout the day.

So take every excuse to park a little further way, take the stairs, walk to work, and move your body in general. Your metabolism and your overall health and fitness will thank you.

Well there you have it my friends! 5 commonly overlooked lifestyle practices that are a MUST for weight loss and overall health and fitness.

Please COMMENT here…I would love to hear what you think!

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