I hear you thinking already…”oh no…I am in for a blog that talks about statistics and ROI with Wellness Programs”.  Well, today is you lucky day because that is NOT what I am going to talk about!

What I want to share with you today is 5 things that affect the very CULTURE of your company.  These 5 things are seldom given the attention that they deserve because we as business owners (and management) are too busy thinking that we are going to “offend” somebody or violate some regulation.  I can completely understand these feelings given the litigious corporate culture that we work in, BUT if you continue to turn a blind eye to these five things I can personally guarantee you higher health insurance costs, lower morale, drastically lower productivity and much higher absenteeism…sound like a recipe for disaster…YEP!

Before I list the five reasons, I would invite you to open your mind to alternative ways of introducing “Wellness” to your company.  Many of you may be saying to yourselves, “Well, I already have a wellness program in place”.  I will give you that, but if you honestly look at your company’s wellness program what exactly does it offer?  Is it a gym membership?  Is it 30 minutes of paid time to go and work out?  Is it having a fruit bowl on the desk of each employee?  Maybe it is my absolute favorite…the HEALTH FAIR!  I get a kick out of this one.  I have spoken to many executives that have thoroughly convinced themselves that a “Health Fair” is comprehensive wellness program worthy of an insurance break…give me a freaking break!

Before I soap box it too much and offend all of you, lets get down to business!  J


Reason #1:  The Majority of Your Employee’s Could Not Care Less about Health and Fitness:

Ok, that might be a little harsh, but I wanted to see if you were paying attention.  In reality, Corporate America is demanding, stressful, and fast paced.  What makes you think that your employee’s are even thinking about health and fitness…hell, all they care about is getting their deadlines done.  This leads nicely into reason #2.


Reason #2: Your Employee’s Have Not Included Exercise and Nutrition as Part of Their Habitual Behavior:


Think of what you did this morning as you awoke from bed and got ready for work.  Did you have to sit down and THINK about what you were going to do next?  Did you sit down in a pondering posture and say aloud, “I wonder if I should shower first and then brush my teeth?  Or should eat, shower and then brush my teeth?  NO!! Of course not!  Why?  Because those things are habit and they dictate your actions!


This habitual behavior is also the reason that a large percentage of your employee’s do not work to their full potential…they are comfortable in the habits that they know and love!  Now, let me ask you a burning question (at least a burning question for meJ) How in the world is  providing a gym membership, having a fitness consultant come in once a month, or having the famous bi-annual health fair, going to have even one shred of impact with these people who are ENTRENCHED IN  SEDENTARY BEHAVIOR?  Wake the freak up and smell the French Fries people!  They will NOT work!


Reason #3: Your Employee’s Are Not Mentally fit…Therefore They Are Not Physically Fit!


“Ouch” you maybe were saying to yourself, but think of it!  No doubt most of your employees are bright and very capable people…if not you wouldn’t have hired them!  The problem lies in PRIORITY!  These bright and capable people ALL have the ability to change but they have not invested the time to change MENTALLY before they change physically.


If you are confused let me illustrate.  Go to any Gym on January 2nd and you will find an all-out ZOO!  Go to the gym on February second and you will find a ghost town.  WHY?  Because all of these people started with “will power” and “desire”, but they lacked the mental training to convert the will power and desire into action.  The mind won the battle!  Now they are back on the couch where they were in December before they conjured up their New Years Resolutions!


Your companies CULTURE must change…no ifs, ands or buts about this one, and it has to start with the mind!  If this does not happen, then your company will perform with “February” performance instead of “January” performance.


As a whole, your company has to start to think about health and fitness in an entirely different manner.  You are going to have to ditch the quick fix approach (i.e., health fairs, and 30 minutes of allotted gym time) and actually get serious about changing the very mindset of your company.


Reason #4: The “Sheeple” Follow the Lead People!


If you as a leader are only giving wellness a token nod, and not investing any time or money into a properly structured wellness program, your followers will follow suit with not caring about the current program.  This is highly tied to reason #1.  We human beings (especially corporations) have a flock mentality.  If you as the leader espouse health, nutrition and fitness, then chances are greater that your followers will follow suit.  This works on both conscious and a subconscious level.


Reason #5: Just Do Not Do It!


I hope Nike does not sue me for saying this!  Simply stated, your employees are not living the lifestyle that will make your company more money…PERIOD!  They have fallen into the American way of living, which consists of poor nutrition based on convenience, stress and poor time management.  I guarantee you that most of your employees KNOW what good nutrition is and how to properly exercise (well, at least some of them…you might be surprised!) but the problem is the actual DOING!  Most of us KNOW a lot of things that we should do but we fail in actually doing it because it is not part of our habitual behavior.


That is why FitMent Infinity believes in the Mind, Nutrition, Body, approach.  I think you can see why now!  God bless all of you, happy 4th, of July and please let me know if I can serve you in any way!  Life is Good!

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