I know many of you have flirted with the idea of giving us a try with either our Personal Training program (Level I) or our nutrition coaching & Personal Training program. (Level II).

Well now is the perfect time to give us a try if you have never tried us before. Come and learn how to change your lifestyle by changing your HABITS one habit at a time. There are NO shortcuts to TRUE health and fitness and we understand that. If you want true mentoring and coaching we would love to take you to that place. Come and see if we are right for you…on us! Life is Good!

These are truly 2 free sessions which include the consultation for session #1 in which we will learn what your goals are and then we will take you through a sample workout. During session #2 we will either go over some nutrition coaching or do another workout depending on which level of service you are interested in.

This offer expires July 31st 2021 so please book a consultation today right here: https://www.llfit.com/consultations/

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