3 Reasons To Take a One Week Break From Training

Once upon a time I was 21 years old and my nose was shoved deeply into Arnold  Schwarzenegger’s official Bodybuilding Encyclopedia and I remember being shocked about a point that he was advocating. Essentially he was advocating for taking a week off of training assuming that one had been training extremely hard for at least […]

What Is STOPPING You From Being In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

One of the major themes of my coaching over my 20+ year career is the starting point with my clients. The starting point is the place in time where the client steps into my office with inspiration coming out of their eyes and ears. They are brimming with a high desire to change their habits. […]

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Stay Fit During The Summer

Pop Quiz time! What season do most people struggle the most to stay healthy and fit? Is it: A) Winter (including Christmas) B) Spring C) Summer D) Fall I can almost guarantee that you are saying “A” right now because of Christmas, and and to be honest with you, when it comes to totally falling […]