What Does Your Liver, Laughter, and Love Have In Common?

Part I: Your Liver

Break Your Weight-Loss Plateau Through Unconventional Means

Hello, my friends!  I hope you are treating life well, and I hope it is reciprocating!  I know that I use this line a lot to open my blog posts, but, today, I will show you just how important it is to treat life well so that it CAN reciprocate!

I recently became certified through the CHEK Institute as a Level I Holistic Lifestyle Coach. It definitely was a life changing experience for me.  Clients often ask me why they are “not losing weight.”  Up until recently (in the last 2-3 years), I would always give the standard answers:  “Have you adjusted your macro-nutrient ratios?  Where is your calorie range, and are you staying in it?”  I felt assured that if I could answer these basic questions, I would certainly help them succeed—and, in many cases, I did!

In other cases, even after the client had applied my infinite wisdom, they still seemed to stay stuck in their plateau without budging.  This was frustrating to me and more so for the client.  In today’s post, I want to reveal three hidden areas that might be causing your plateau beyond your exercise and nutrition, even though we will start there.

In my college days, I remember sitting in the anatomy lab and looking at the diseases that were found in the cadavers. I would always ask myself, “How does our body put up with the crap that we feed it day in and day out?”  Consider your liver for a moment.  This brilliant and resilient organ is your body’s main detoxifying agent.

In addition to storing energy for your body, this organ is also called upon to detoxify chemicals, additives, preservatives, colorings, syrups, and a host of other food additives that have been crammed into our foods over the last 100 years.  The FDA now allows over 10,000 food and chemical additives into our food supply!  The bad news is that we do not even challenge this outright poisoning of our food. We just grab a handful of it and eat it subconsciously!  If it is for sale, then it must not be harmful right?  Wrong!

Visualize your liver.  A fleshy, organic (carbon containing) organ that is meant to consume organic material–NOT chemicals that were concocted in a lab!  Now consider these chemicals that are common in our food supply. This is an actual list that I copied and pasted from the FDA’s “Food Additive Status List”:



Yikes!  And that’s just for the letter “A”!  Now you can see where that 10,000 stat that I shared earlier comes from!

Now, I ask you to use common sense and consider whether your liver was meant to detoxify all of this crap?  Scroll back 100 years and study what we were eating then.  Did we have all of this poison in our diets then?  Not even close.

So the next time that you are tempted to dismiss your low energy level, bad mood, edginess, or achy body on your “old age,” please first consult the status of your liver!  If you are eating PROCESSED FOODS, you are likely taking in a large majority of harmful substances that needs to be detoxified by your liver.  When your liver becomes overwhelmed, your body literally becomes toxic and your quality of life hits the skids.

Do yourself a favor and start consuming REAL food that came from Mother Earth rather than from “Dr. Chemical.”  It is truly your choice to eat well to live well.  Life is good, my friends, and it is your responsibility to make it good through your own nutritional choices!

God Bless,


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