What Does Your Liver, Laughter, and Love Have In Common?

Part III: Love

Breaking Your Weight-Loss Plateau Through Unconventional Means

Love: it’s the universal language, yet its potential is so universally untapped.  “I love my wife,” “I love my husband,” “I love my kids,” “and I love my grandkids.”  These and many similar phrases are fundamental expressions of love, and they make us feel good when we use them.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that in our Western culture, we tend to limit our love to our family and close friends only.

To illustrate my point, let me tell you about some of my un-scientific studies that I have carried out over the last two years.  I have lived in my middle-class neighborhood subdivision for nearly five years now.  During those years, I have taken over 300 walks around the block and elsewhere with my family.  It is our tradition.  During those 300 walks, we have encountered the same 20-25 people on a consistent basis.  Of those people, a small percentage actually say hello with a smile on their face and a wave to go along with it.

I carry this study well beyond my neighborhood into corporations, gyms, lectures, and other events, and I always get similar responses regardless of the setting.  In about 70% of the people in my audience, I can provoke a mild grin and a halfhearted nod that screams “I don’t really know you, so why are you saying hi, Mr. Rogers?”  The next 10% will actually open their mouths and speak, saying hello with a sincere smile and tone of voice. The next 20% (along with the first 70%) is what prompted this part of this three part series. This group pretends to not see me and/or hear me.  What cracks me up is that when they see me coming, they hurry and get “busy,” which ALWAYS warrants them standing opposite of me!

Now let’s put this in perspective.  These are very good people who love their families every bit as much as I do or you do.  These people have circles of friends that they would do anything for, and these same people, given time to get to know you, would open up their “true self” and become friends with you.

So, why is it that we wear different “love hats?”  In other words, when we get up in the morning, we put on our love hat and say hello to our spouse with a kiss and/or hug.  We tell our kids that we love them and help them get ready for the day.  When it comes time for work, we ditch the love hat, put on our “professional hat,” and become robots with minimal emotion for the next 8-9 hours, with the exception of when we talk to our friends.  While speaking to our friend at the water cooler, we see our boss approaching, so we hurry and ditch the love hat one more time and put our professional hat back on.

When we go to church, we put our love hat back on even when we don’t want to!  Even if we are in a bad mood and irritated, we somehow muster up enough courage to put on the love hat.  We seek to prove the phrase “fake it until you make it” true.  Once we get out of church, the love hat gets tossed into the corner, and we put back on our parenting hat or spouse hat (that may or may not carry love within it).

Here is my sincere and heart-felt question to myself and to all of you: Why is it that we sequester our love for exclusive people, events, and circumstances?  Is it not possible to wear it at ALL times despite our circumstances?  Consider where you came from.  I DO NOT care what your beliefs are, but I think that you will agree that the source that made you and me consists of 100% pure love.

So, again I ask, why do we limit our scope of love so often when so many strangers and people in need of your love could use it?  Why not say hello and smile to the beggar on the street (I fully disclose that I have not all of the time) even if you choose not to donate to him?  Why create artificial boundaries of who is worthy of your love based on your own beliefs or paradigms?

You may be asking how this relates to the title of this blog, and, NO, it is not a trick. It is simple science.  Love breeds simple thoughts.  Thoughts breed emotions, both positive and negative.  Emotion is nothing more than energy in motion.  If you place yourself in a limited space of love where it is quarantined and given to only those in your tight little circle, you will, by definition, only be operating “in love” only about 20-30% of your life.  When energy is high, so then to is your desire to take care of yourself physically, nutritionally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and otherwise.  Likewise, negative hormones that store fat, such as cortisol, go down and fat burning hormones go up!

I challenge both myself and you to turn up the “love button” a few notches this coming week.  Say hello to a stranger.  Speak to somebody at work who seems to be having a bad day, ask them how they are doing, and if you can do anything for them (with full intent to perform if they answer “yes”).  Put a smile on your face rather than the comfortable frown or at best “non-face.”  In short, RAISE YOUR ENERGY VIBRATION BY RAISING YOUR WILLINESS TO SHARE YOUR LOVE.  I do not share this blog claiming to live these principles everyday. In fact, I am probably still on the opposite end of the teeter totter all too often.  Enjoy this challenge, my friends, and always remember: Life is good!


God Bless,


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