Broccoli Salad


2 or 3 heads of broccoli, depending on their size;

1 1/2 cup red or green grapes, halved;

10 slices bacon;

1/2 chopped onion;

1/2 cup slivered or chopped almonds;

1 cup plain greek yogurt

1/2 an avocado

1/4 cup lemon juice

Place the slices of bacon in a large pan on medium heat and cook for about 8 minutes on each side until crispy.

While the bacon cooks, cut the broccoli in small florets. You can use the stalks as well, making sure to cut it in pieces about the same size as the florets.

Mix the florets with the almonds, chopped onion and halved grapes.

Once the bacon is cooked and crispy, crumble and add it to the salad.

In a separate bowl, mix the greek yogurt and avocado with the lemon juice.

Mix the dressing with the salad, mix well, serve and enjoy!

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