Ahh Cardio!  Seems to be the first weapon we grab for when weight loss is our target…right?  Well today I want to give you some tips and pointers that will give you the most  bang for your buck.  You might even view cardiovascular exercise a little bit differently after reading the article.  Hope you enjoy and please post any questions that you might have.

1- Remember that quality must be balanced with quantity:

-Your fitness level will determine how long you should workout and how hard

2Don’t kid yourself with “low-intensity fat-burning exercise”.

-Your body will only take you so far with low intensity exercise

3Stay within your target heart range or pace/tempo

-This changes with age and/or your fitness/sports goals

4Be consistent!

-To improve your cardiovascular efficiency you must be exercising your heart at least 3 times per week at your specified intensity and duration levels.

5-Shake it up!

-If you stay in the same mode of exercise at all times your body will adapt.  Be sure to select from multiple modes of exercise to insure your success and progress!

Tip:  Did you know that cardiovascular exercise is NOT the preferred method of your body to burn body fat?  Studies clearly indicate that resistance training is primarily responsible for adding lean mass to your body that subsequently burns the bodyfat!

Tip:  Rather than using aerobic exercise exclusively for fat-burning, try adding 2-3 days of resistance training to your training program…you will be blown away by the results!

Tip:  Remember that nutrition is responsible for around 80% of body composition change.  In other words if you want to lose weight and tone up you better start eating right.

Tip:  The remaining 20% of weight loss boils down to 10% genetics and 10% exercise…so remember to watch your calorie range, your food choices, frequency of eating and other nutritional factors that we will discuss with you.

Tip:  Remember quality mostly exceeds quantity when it comes to exercise.  For example it would be more effective to be in a heart rate range of 150-165 (check with your trainer first), for 30 minutes of exercise than it would be to be at 120-130 BPM for 60.

Well there you have it my friends!  This is just a very small sample of some of the content that we will be hosting here at the FitMent Infinity Blog!  We will always keep our content focused our core principles: Mind. Nutrition. Body!  Always remember my friends…Life is GOOD!

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