What Is STOPPING You From Being In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

One of the major themes of my coaching over my 20+ year career is the starting point with my clients. The starting point is the place in time where the client steps into my office with inspiration coming out of their eyes and ears. They are brimming with a high desire to change their habits. […]

Why You Must “FAIL” At Fitness To Succeed…

Why is it that we learn from our failures in certain area’s of our lives but then when it comes to fitness we have a one-strike rule? In this brief post I will show you how you can learn from your “Failures” and allow them to help you in the long run.

How Do You Perceive Your Health & Fitness?

Does your perception of health and fitness determine its outcome in your life? What is your perception of health and fitness and how is it influencing your overall health and happiness?

This Is WHY You Fall Off The Wagon Despite Your Willpower…

Why is Long-Term Change So HARD? I once coached a senior level executive that I shall call Mike.  At the time Mike needed to lose 50 lbs to get back into a healthy weight range.  As most senior level executives, Mike shouldered a very high workload and rarely had time to catch his breath. Mike […]

Want To Learn How To Get Fit & STAY Fit? (Workshop)

Give Me Two Hours & I Will Take You Off The “Fitness Roller Coaster” FOREVER! Let me ask you an honest question…. Do you ever get tired of starting “something new” because you know deep down that you won’t follow through with it? Not sure what I mean? Sure you do…. Think about the last […]