Do You Posses The “3 P’s” That Guarantee Long-Term Fitness?

Oftentimes we want a “quick fix” but we know intuitively that it does not exist. Today I will share a no-nonsense formula that will help you

Should You Focus On Your Weaknesses?

I am sure you have heard, “play to your strengths and don’t worry so much about your weaknesses.”

I am here to challenge this today and give you a simple strategy to improve your area’s of weakness.

A Simple Trick To Destroy Your Treat Temptation

In this 4 minute video I will discuss a simple tip that many people overlook when trying to clean up their diet, avoid sugar and other junk foods.

The Virus In Your Brain Has You On It’s Leash!

Have you ever considered how powerful a mind-virus is? You know…those little habits and beliefs that float around in your head that were most likely placed there somebody else. Think about it… Most of society just “goes with the flow”. Why? Because it is EASY! A few examples… You go to a movie and you… Continue reading The Virus In Your Brain Has You On It’s Leash!

3 Steps That Transform Adversity Into Victory

In this weeks video I share 3 simple mind re-frames that will help you transform your adversity into productivity.

How Your Emotions & Your Mindset Put Bad Food Into Your Mouth…

remember looking across the room at my client. She was raising her voice and tears began to flow down her face. “I can’t *&*% seem to get a hold of myself! No matter how hard I try or how many goals I set, I always seem to give into my sweet tooth and go overboard… Continue reading How Your Emotions & Your Mindset Put Bad Food Into Your Mouth…

How to Power Through Procrastination (Step #2 of 5)

  Hello my friends! I really hope that you had a chance to view last weeks short video in which I disclose the first step in powering through procrastination.  If not check it out here: Today I take it one step further. Now, I will warn you that you might think you have already… Continue reading How to Power Through Procrastination (Step #2 of 5)

5 Steps To Power Through Procrastination (Step #1 of 5)

PROCRASTINATION! It’s the ultimate double-edged sword right? Procrastination definitely has some positives to offer us right? If it did not have anything to offer us then why would we keep doing? Think about it… Procrastination feels very good in the moment because we don’t have to deal with change, hard work, or dealing with something… Continue reading 5 Steps To Power Through Procrastination (Step #1 of 5)

This “FADDISH” Trend Can Make or Break Your Health…

Today I want to share an insight with you about our modernized society.  My insight comes from many years of Nutrition and Life Coaching. I am not going to tell you my insight yet…ha, ha, you will have to watch the 5 minute video below for that, but I will tell you that I am… Continue reading This “FADDISH” Trend Can Make or Break Your Health…

Do You EXPECT To Be Happy?

Man oh man…I listened to a killer podcast late last week (The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes…find him on I-tunes)  He had a guest on named Mo Gawdat who basically broke down happiness into an equation. Yes you heard it right.  In today’s video I give you the basics of that equation but I… Continue reading Do You EXPECT To Be Happy?

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