Why YOU Have To Be Your #1 Priority To STAY Fit…

Why is it that some people that are extraordinarily busy still take time for fitness while others claim to be “too busy”. We dive deep into this question in this article.

Mental Toughness Will Not Get You In Shape, But This Mindset Will…

How many times have you heard that
‘mental toughness” is necessary to get in shape? Is this the whole truth or is there another way to look at this?

Is Nutrition a “Spiritual Practice?”

Have you ever considered your nutritional habits as a spiritual practice? For millions of years of human evolution it was just that. Should we return to our roots?

This Is The REAL Reason You Are Not Losing Weight…

“Weight loss is not rocket science! All you have to do is take in less calories than you burn and the weight will come off!” It’s amazing to me that we live in the 21st Century and our knowledge about weight loss and nutrition continues to grow, yet the conventional wisdom as stated above is… Continue reading This Is The REAL Reason You Are Not Losing Weight…

LLFIT Approved Recipes

Welcome to the LLF pre-approved recipe site! If you are client of Lifelong Fitness you will likely be asked to start your meal planning immediately. Below you will find more recipes than you could ever consume in a lifetime! Rather than just listing individual recipes we have listed some of our favorite websites under specific… Continue reading LLFIT Approved Recipes

Are You A Sucker For Sugar?

5 Ways Sugar Teases Your Taste Buds While Destroying Your Health! Ah, sugar!  That sweet little devil that teases your taste buds, tantalizes your desire for sweetness, and compromises your chances for good health!  While I have long been a passionate advocate for minimizing this “sweet evil” of our day,  I will be the first… Continue reading Are You A Sucker For Sugar?

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