Hello my friend and happy Monday!

I just wanted to share a super brief thought with you today that was inspired by one of employee’s (who is a Personal Trainer) clients.

This particular client was frustrated because she was not making progress as quickly as she would have liked to.

She frequently complained to her trainer saying things like, “why am I not losing weight faster?”

My trainer quickly turned the tables on her client (in a very nice and professional way of course;)

“Have you been tracking your food”

“Have you been cutting down on your sugar intake?”

“Have you been getting enough rest?”

“But I Don’t Have Time For All Of That!”

She responded to her trainer by saying, “but I don’t have time in my life for that right now.  I really wish I did, but the truth is that I don’t!”

When I heard this response it made me ponder.

Is she right?

Does she really not have time to take care of herself as her trainer was asking her to do?


Was this a convenient story that she has been telling herself for years to avoid the HARD THINGS that needed changing in her life.

Can I just be bold here with as much love as I can muster?

Changing our lives for the better is rarely easy.

In fact most of the time it is downright hard!

Here Is The Dirty Little Secret….

We have been conditioned on our 21st Century way of living to believe that we are so busy, so frazzled and so pressed for time that we can’t change the area’s of our lives that need changing.

And the reason for this is because it is HARD to change!

The dirty little secret is that change will ALWAYS be hard despite what the best marketers in the world say otherwise.

If you can make friends with “hard” your live will ironically become easier.

So here is my challenge for you today.  Find an area of your life that needs to change but you have been avoiding it because you know that it will be hard.

Then make a 100% (not 99%) commitment to yourself that you are going to tackle this area NO MATTER WHAT!

100% of people fail in their goals because they are only 99% committed.  Life is going to happen, and yes the change will be hard at first but do it anyway!

You will be so glad that you did when you look back and see that you have changed for the better.

You are worth the price of admission my friend.

Please reply to this email and tell me what HARD thing needs to change in your life.  Don’t be shy…we ALL have something so please be bold and help others by sharing a little piece of your life with me.  I am here to help! 🙂

Life is good!

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