There are many things that make me stop and scratch my head with modern day living.

Enter electric powered bikes…

We want to still feel like we are “exercising”, but yet more than 70% of the power is being supplied by an electric engine.

Don’t get me started…

It’s 2023 and we are still searching for the “Holy Grail” of fitness…

We don’t really see this one but we are still obsessively searching for quick-fixes, hacks, and silver bullets when it comes to our health and wellness.

We still want to wrap ourselves in fat-burning plastics that magically “melt away” our excess inches. We want that perfect macro-nutrient ratio that works for “everybody” because some nutritional “expert” told us so. We want 20-minute abs, 10-lbs down in 5 days, and a shot in our arm that will alter our hormones and lead to dramatic weight loss!

The real reason we don’t STAY healthy and fit…

Let’s face it, we humanoids have a very hard time staying healthy and fit. Statistically only 12% of Americans are considered metabolically healthy even if we are “skinny”.

Something is going on in plain sight, yet we are not seeing the reality in front of us.

May I humbly suggest that we have ignored our health-giving roots that have sustained us for millions of years?

What kept us healthy, fit and vibrant (i.e., exercising by hunting and gathering our food, having fun, having community, sleeping and drinking well etc.) has been hijacked by by a very dangerous market-driven mentality.

That mentality I speak of is our collective expectation to be healthy NOW, even though we persist in making sub-optimal health choices based on what I call “21 Century Convenience”. This toxic mentality plants within us expectations such as wanting to lose 20lbs before we vacation to Hawaii, and being pissed off if it doesn’t happen the way that we thought that it should. This rudimentary mentality is expecting that a pill, a procedure, or a potion is going to exonerate us from the natural consequences of sub-optimal nutrition, sleep and fitness choices made over decades.

The truth is there is only ONE right way…

We have to get back to the basics of living the way that our DNA is meant to live. We are meant to sleep soundly for 7-9 hours per night, we are meant to exercise on a daily basis, we are meant to eat whole foods, we are meant to manage our stress and not obsess over “doing” 24/7. We are designed to have an “on button” and an “off button”.

When we stop taking life so darn seriously we will have more time to get back to the basics. We will have more time for fun, we will pay attention to our health and fitness needs and take some well deserved time for self-care.

Your personal world can change for the better…

The question is, will we, or will we persist in our erroneous ways of putting ourselves last and trying to bail ourselves out with cleverly marketed hacks, and “solutions”?

The choice seems pretty simple to me and I hope you are picking up what I am putting down! 😉

Please let me know how I can help throughout your journey!

Life is Good!

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