We live in interesting times don’t we?

For millions of years we roamed the globe as hunters & gatherers foraging the land for fruits and veggies, and we hunted animals.

In other words we ate REAL food.

In these times in our history these real foods were not only our norm, but they were our only option.

Fast forward to modern times where we can walk into a grocery store and find it lined with countless processed foods and with a seemingly endless supply.

Try going to BBQ with your family and friends and I guarantee you that you are not going to be served wild-caught salmon and blueberries.

When “Normal” Became Extreme…

Whenever I am at a party, a celebration, or any other setting with food involved, I am always accused of being “extreme” for the way that I eat because I pass on all of the junk processed food that is being served and instead I bring my own food.

The message that I usually get goes a little something like this, “Griff why don’t you just eat like the rest of us? Why to you have to be so weird and extreme?”

So my question is this….

When did eating real food become “extreme?” When did taking care of your body and paying attention to your health become extreme?

What if we flipped the tables around? What if our hunter/gatherer ancestors took a stroll through one of our grocery stores? What would they think?

Put into proper perspective, our food supply has been so badly adulterated and taken out of it’s natural state, that it has forced us into an epidemic of obesity, inflammation, and disease, but we fail to see the link.

And that is 100% on us. We are the ignorant ones for not seeing the forest through the tree’s.

If anything is extreme, it is the processed food norms of the day.

Saying that “I don’t have time to prepare my food” is an extreme behavior compared against the backdrop of history because we never had the choice in those times.

Getting addicted to processed foods (which millions of Americans are) is a tremendous form of extremism.

Diabetes, gout, hypertension, cancer and stroke are all the downstream effects of our extreme ways.

We have this backwards and until we wake up, we will keep steering the ship into the wrong direction.

The good news is that that the choice is yours to be “extreme”, or just go along with the crowd.

I really hope you choose to be EXTREME!

Life is Good!

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