As a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, I have engaged in many a conversation with people about fitness and nutrition goals.  As I engage in these conversations I am always blown away by the lack of clarity and vision that people have in regards to their health and fitness goals.  The conversation usually goes as follows: “Yeah, Griff I really want to get in shape and lose some weight”.  I will usually comeback with, “That’s great, what are your GOALS?”  To this they usually reply with…”I just told, you Griff…I want to get in shape and lose some weight!”

Have you ever had these kinds of thoughts?  Chances are good that you have.  As a Lifestyle Coach one of my biggest challenges is getting people to understand that health and fitness goals require a crystal clear VISION!  So in the next few paragraphs I want to help you understand how you can find and embrace your health and fitness vision.

As stated previously “getting in shape and losing weight” is far from a crystal clear vision.  If I were asked this question, this is how I would respond:

“I want to get in the best shape of my life by getting down to 5% body fat by December 1st.  I want to have 6-pack abs and run the mile in under 5 minutes.  My nutrition will consist mainly of fruits and veggies and complex low glycemic carbohydrates.  I will incorporate one cheat day into the week in which I will go all out with one meal and let my hair down for the day.  I will then get right back on track for the next 6 days.  I will feel vibrant and energetic by exercising 6 days of the week, 3 days of weights and 3 days of cardio.”  And by the way…this is the watered down version!  I would bore you to tears with my full answer!

This ladies and gentlemen is what is known as an S.M.A.R.T. Goal, and this type of goal allows you to form a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision of your goal.  So what does S.M.A.R.T. Goal stand for?



Accountability Measure


Time Tabled

Let’s take the first example, “I want lose weight and get in shape”.  Does it stack up to a SMART goal?  Is it specific?  No.  Is it Measurable? No.  Does it provide you with an Accountability Measure?  No!  Is it realistic?  Well…it could happen but is it NOT realistic because it does not contain parameters to measure it against…it is simply a vague and unobtainable WISH, and wishes are worthless!  Does it have a time table…NO!  Can you see where I am going with this my friends?   Now stack up my vision/response to the SMART goal criteria and I think you will find that it meets each and every one of them.


I dare say that 90% or more of us are running around with vague wishes about our health and fitness and then we throw our arms up in the air with frustration when things do not accomplish what we were envisioning!  The mind is a very POWERFUL thing!  Give it crap to work with and you will get crap results!  Give it quality orders/goals and it can change your world for you…yes change your very world!

The problem is that most of us are too lazy to get off of our butt’s and put the time into setting a goal like the one I just gave.  “I am too busy”, or “I have tried setting goals in the past and it has failed me”.   I have both good and bad news for you…the bad news is that it was YOUR fault and nobody else’s and the good news is that you can start over and do it the right way and succeed this time around!  I am going to spend some considerable time on this subject in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned.

In the mean time, I want you to start to form a vision of what you want to become as it pertains to health and fitness.  What do you want to look like?  What do you want to feel like?  Only when you get a crystal clear vision of what you want, will you be able to make your SMART goals to make it happen!  If you want to fail, then be vague and wishful…I guarantee you will remain that…vague and wishful.  If you are seeking true health and fitness you will have to step into the minority and put in your dues!

So turn off the late night infomercials and get down to business!  Find and Define your vision of what you want and in the next few weeks I will go in depth of how to set good SMART goals so that you can succeed for the long-term.  Remember my friends, as you do this the right way you will collect big dividends that will propel you towards your health and fitness goals.


Life is good!



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