“Griff it is time for a dose of reality bud…

Let’s get real shall we? You own a gym and you go around and speak to people about health and wellness for a living.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the hell out of you and I don’t want to disparage what you do. However I want you to see reality for what it is. You have your own gym, and it is basically your responsibility to stay in shape…you have no choice.

But for the rest of us that live in the REAL WORLD life is not so forgiving. I have deadlines that I have to meet everyday, a boss that I need to report to, and 5 kids that depend on me everyday. As much as I would like to prepare my meals and work out 5 times per week, the truth of the matter is that is is NOT possible at this time. I am sure you can understand.”

Usually I start out with a quote from a past or current client. The above is a word-for-word quote came from neither.

This is what one of my neighborhood acquaintances told me as we met on on a Saturday as I was mowing my lawn. We struck up a conversation and he quickly led into health and fitness (for some reason I have that affect on people;)

Here Is The Take Home…

We ALL have a big picture in our head that tells us what “REALITY” is all about.

We all have our own personal interpretations of the following:

-How much time we have available to us

-What we are good at

-What we suck at

-How good we look (or how bad we look)

-How confidant we are

-Our ability to eat well (or not)

-Athletic abilities

Nobody is exempt from having their own personal worldview and reality this is a beautiful thing because it adds contrast and variety to our planet.

How Is Your Inner World View ADDING To Your Success?

I want you to become present and aware to your own world view. You will for sure find areas that are driving success in your life.

Do me a favor.

Look at your career, relationships, finances, spirituality, social setting, and find the area’s that your Inner World View is ADDING to your happiness and success.


How Is Your Inner World View DETRACTING From Your Success?

Now comes the uncomfortable part. I want you to look at your world view and I want you to candidly confront those area’s of your life in which you would like an upgrade.

Maybe you want to lose weight but you have a worldview that says that life is busy and that you don’t have time to exercise.

Maybe you want to eat clean but you have a worldview that says that you don’t have much choice because you always have to eat out with your work associates.

Maybe you want to save your money more responsibly but you have a world view that says that you always live in the moment and you want to live spontaneously (therefore tricking you out of the reality that you can actually balance both).

Take a moment to really ponder this. I would encourage you to get away from your electronics and work and cut out some time to really hash this out. Get in nature if possible and really give yourself permission to get to the heart of your limiting world views”.

The Biggest Lie…

How many times have you told yourself, “Well that is just the way that I am”

In my last post Here Is The REAL Reason You Skip Exercising” https://www.llfit.com/here-is-the-real-reason-you-skip-exercising/

I talk about some of the things that we tell ourselves when it comes to not exercising.

Maybe exercise is not your problem. Maybe it is nutrition. In reality we ALL have our personal “truths”.

But when we tell ourselves that “Its just the way that I am” we literally give up the most precious thing that we human beings have going for us.

And what is that precious thing?

In a word…


The reality is that we all have a choice to redefine ourselves, to re-invent oursleves, to act differently, to behave differently to speak differently and to get different results.

Your Assignment…

Professor Griff is giving you an assignment…cool?

After you write down the second list of world-views that gives you results that you DO NOT want I want you to write down the OPPOSITE belief in exquisite detail.

It can be short, but I prefer to describe the opposite. For example if you have a world view that says that you live in a fast-paced world that makes it difficult to eat healthy I want you to write down at least 2-4 paragraphs describing the opposite in great detail.

Tell me how you make time for important things.

Tell me how you are in charge of your schedule and that you prioritize like nobodies business.

Describe in great detail how you define the tempo of your own life and how you can slow down when you want to.

Do you get me here? Is this making sense?

And BTW you might be wondering about the title of this blog…why would I claim such a thing?

Think about it…

What if your worldview changed?

What if you had a world view that said “Getting fit is the easiest thing in the world!”

Would your experience change? Would your emotions change? Would your RESULTS change?

Case closed….

I want to hear about your own experience with this. Please comment here after you have gone through some of these steps.

Also in the mean time I want the brave souls out there to post your limiting world-view. What is standing in the way between you and your goals? I would love to hear.

We are so much more capable than the piddly little world-view that get’s crafted over years of conditioning.

What needs to change for you? Are you willing to make that change?

I know you are because your are WORTH it!

Life is Good!

Your friend in health and wellness


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