Welcome to the LLF pre-approved recipe page! If you are client of Lifelong Fitness you will likely be asked to start your meal planning immediately. Below you will find more recipes than you could ever consume in a lifetime! Rather than just listing individual recipes we have listed some of our favorite websites under specific categories such as “Paleo” or “Clean Eating” so that you can select recipes according to your dietary preferences.

If you are wondering which category of recipes or “diets” you should select from I will offer a brief description under each category so that you can choose which dietary category is most appropriate for you in this stage of your fitness journey.


Paleo Diet Recipes

If you are new to eating more whole foods and less processed then I highly recommend that you either start with “Paleo” or “Clean Eating” recipes because they are highly versatile and will allow you to select from a large array of choices. The Clean Eating section is further down this page.

When in doubt Paleo recipes will always lead you in the right direction because they are whole foods based, low to moderate carb, and they are also absent of most of the top food allergens such as grains (wheat in particular) and they are also very good at controlling your blood sugar and lowering inflammation which is a key component of building your metabolism and becoming more healthy in general. In fact, if you are looking to improve your health in general nothing comes close to Paleo from an all-around nutritive standpoint.

Clean Eating Websites

Choose recipes from these websites if you are not needing a specialty diet such as Keto, Carnivore, or Autoimmune Paleo. “Clean Eating” is essentially that…recipes that use whole food ingredients but have less restrictions. For example the Paleo Diet restricts grains and dairy while “Clean Eating” would permit clean forms of dairy and whole grains.

If you are looking to lose weight optimally or if you are overweight or obese you may want to consider doing Paleo or Keto before you jump to this section of clean eating recipes. HOWEVER, if Keto and Paleo feels daunting and overly restrictive right out of the gate then starting here with the clean eating websites will be a great place to start.

*Special Note: You will likely have to surrender your email for a few of these sites but I highly recommend that you do. By doing so you will receive weekly recipes that will keep your taste buds curious and excited and you can rest assured that you are getting good healthy foods without the guess work. Enjoy! 🙂

100 Days of Real Food

Joyful Healthy Eats

Well Plated by Erin

The Gracious Pantry

The Clean Eating Couple

Lexi’s Clean Living

A Sweet Pea Chef With Lacey Baier

Plant Based Recipes

If you prefer more plant based recipes then the Worlds Most Healthy Foods website is one of my favorite. The link below will take to to the general website which then has individual links to hundreds of clean plant based recipes. This is a great resource for your meal planning! You will also find one of my favorite Vegan websites loaded with recipes.

Cookie + Kate

Delivered-For-You Food Services

If you struggle with food prep and you find yourself constantly short on time the following pre-approved food services will likey be helpful for you. These meals will be delivered to your door and require minimal thought, time and preparation and they are healthy….win/win! 🙂

Clean Keto/Whole 30 Recipes

If weight loss is one of your main objectives nothing beats CLEAN Keto recipes becauase they will help reverse insulin resistance (the main driver of overweight/obesity and all disease) Keto recipes can be deceptive because just because they are keto does NOT make them healthy! Don’t worry, we have got your back! Below you will find our favorite keto websites that have been pre-approved so that you can knock yourself out! Enjoy!

Keto Karma

Ruled Me

Little Pine Kitchen

Keto Connect

Carnivore Diet Recipes

The carnivore diet is quckly becoming the “go-to” when it comes to healing auto-immunities because it takes out plant foods entirely. As healthy as plants can be they also come loaded with “predator defense chemicals” such as polyphenoles, Phytoalexins, Lectins, Phytic Acids and Gylcosolinoids that can trigger an immune response. Below are some recipe references to keep the Carnivore Diet interesting when you are working at healing your auto-immunities.

*Special Note: Be sure that your meat sources are free-ranged, grass fed and grass finished, and organic if possible to ensure that the toxic load is kept to a minimum.

Organ Meats Resource For Carnivore Diet

Following a Carnivore Diet in it’s strictest sense will require the consumption of organ meat. The following resource is 100% grass-fed/finished and also has recipes! Enjoy!

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