I have to be careful when I tell groups of people “try to transcend being a typical American”. I don’t think they know what I am talking about.

The National Center for Health statistics has been tracking America’s obesity problem for over four decades. The following statistics support the growing concern regarding the obesity problem in America. (Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD 20892.)

In case you are wondering why I put this under the Head Games section, I did it because we as Americans have collectively lied to ourselves about our lurking health problems. It is as if there is a T-Rex in the corner we refuse to acknowledge him despite the inherent danger and urgency.
The typical American makes excuses for themselves and tries to justify their inactive ways… it is human nature. Sadly the numbers above do not lie. We cannot escape the consequences of poor lifestyle choices no matter how hard we try. Can you now see why lifestyle change is so awfully important? Another statistic that you might find interesting is that most (94.5%) of the people listed in the above statistics have tried numerous fad diets and popular workouts that don’t last.

The Take Home Message:We are Americans and we should be proud of that. What we should not be proud of is the nutritional and fitness
trends that have beset us over the last 30 years. We truly are digging ourselves an early grave if we do not act proactively to fight this epidemic.

The good news is that most people reading this particular newsletter are the exception to those statistics and God- Bless you for that! We are here to help you in any way possible and mean that in the most sincere terms possible. Remember that we are here to help you over that “hump”
that lies between a beginning exerciser and somebody who is in “auto-pilot” mode and cannot think of not exercising regularly and eating nutritiously. To get you to auto-pilot faster please abide the following tips.

Well guy’s that’s a wrap! I appreciate all of you and hope that we can continue to serve your health and fitness needs.

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