Have you ever noticed that our western culture makes it near impossible to eat well and stay healthy?

How you ask?

Walk into your nearest grocery store and what do you see? Isles and isles of processed food and only a small section devoted to whole foods. Heck, you can’t even check out without being tempted by hordes of sugary/fatty foods.

Easily over 95% of all restaurants serve foods that are unhealthy but provide flavors that are larger than life that keep us coming back time after time.

Even if we get the “healthy” options typically served at our favorite restaurants they still serve you salads, veggies and meats that are loaded with processed seed oils and refined sugars.

Think you are safe at work? Think again! In most of the major companies that I have worked as a health coach in, I have seen vending machines and cafeteria’s that have very few healthy options. Not to mention the infamous doughnut runs!

In short, our fast-paced modern day lifestyle makes it almost impossible to eat healthy and stay that way!

So How Then Do We Realistically Hope To STAY Healthy & Fit When The World is Against You?

This is a great question that has SO many different answers.

But the answer that I want to give you today is very very simple and it is this…


Let me be a tad bit more specific…

You have to be that person that is committed to preparing your food on a weekly and daily basis even when you don’t feel like doing it.

You have to be that person that takes their own salad dressing to your favorite restaurant because you know they serve dressing spiked with soybean oil!

You have to be that person that asks your server what is in the food that you are being served.

You have to be that person that has a water bottle on you 24/7 so that you know exactly what you are drinking.

You have to be that person that puts your workout on your calendar and follows through with doing it daily no matter what happens in your life…no excuses!

You have to be that person that brings your own food to family get-togethers because you know there is no healthy options.

You have to be that person that perseveres and becomes habitual about your lifestyle so that you can stay on auto-pilot and now worry about slipping back into “old ways”.

In the end it comes down to making the decision that you will be DIFFERENT no matter what. Being average just does not cut it when it comes to staying healthy in these days.

Make the decision for yourself because you are WORTH it!

Life is Good!

P.S. If you would like some help with changing your lifestyle we can help! Book a free consult and find out how.

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