Hello, my friends! How the heck are you? I hope you are treating life well. Today, I feel compelled to take a risk, branch out, and write about something that has changed my perspective about myself and what I am truly capable of. In so doing, I hope to change your perspective about yourself and provide insight into what you are truly capable of.

To set the stage, I want to think of your life right now. I want you to think about a part of your life that you would like to improve. You may have had the best of intentions improve it, but you ended up putting it off, or maybe you talked yourself out of it entirely. Now let’s go a bit deeper: reach a bit further into your life’s history and find more areas that you have wanted to change but haven’t. Take your time with this. Really dig in, and reflect on those times that you now consider past failures.

I now want you hang on tight because we are taking a U turn now and trail-blazing new territory that I am sure you are not expecting. Stay with me ‘cause I will tie it all back into your health and fitness and show you how this essential element of your thinking determines your results.


To illustrate my point, I am going Biblical . . . yes, Biblical! Regardless of your own religious or spiritual beliefs, the concept that I am about to reveal has direct relevance to your entire life and what you are able to manifest as a result of it. When Moses approached the burning bush in the Old Testament, he noticed that the bush was seemingly on fire but was not being consumed. Perplexed by the magnificent energy that he felt, Moses was prompted to ask who or what the burning bush was. The answer given was the most profound statement in all humankind, “I AM that I AM.”

The first time that I read this response in the Bible, I clearly remember feeling frustrated because I did not understand the meaning of this seemingly “nonsensical” statement uttered by God. This prompted further reading and inquiry into the subject. My first “ah ha” moment came when I was again reading in Genesis about the creation of this world.

God would essentially think about what he intended to create, and the end result was always the creation of that thought. I am not suggesting he only thought the thought and then it materialized from thought alone (although I am open to this as well), but I am suggesting that the literal creation of this world stemmed from a thought.

When God, or the creator (call it what you may) wants to create something, He does so at will, with the “I AM” mentality. In other words, He creates with no doubts, fear, hesitancy, regrets, or second- guessing. “I AM” is a statement that speaks to the all-creating, all-knowing source that is capable of creating ANYTHING . . .YES ANYTHING!

So, I ask you, my good friend, where did you come from? Unless you are a complete atheist (in which case, you probably still acknowledge a creative source), you will have to confess that YOU were created from this source! If this logic holds true, you are LIMITLESS in your potential to create anything in your life! Why? Because you were created from a source that does not operate from doubt, fear, anxiety, or second guessing. God does not and cannot make an excuse for why He cannot create something. To picture God making an excuse or finding “reasons” as to why He cannot fulfill his wishes is completely absurd and unthinkable.

My final question is this: If we came from a powerful and truly unlimited source that does not and cannot make excuses, then why do we then make excuses as to why we cannot better ourselves? If we want to get in better shape, eat healthier food, or develop ourselves on a personal level, why then to do we revert to old thinking patterns that are contrary to our goals? The short answer is that we FORGET who we TRULY are and what we are truly CAPABLE of doing. We literally have a portion of the same creative power that our originating source has, and we can tap into it when we are AWARE of it!

For one day, I want you to raise your awareness of your thoughts. Anytime you catch yourself making an excuse, remind yourself of your “I AM” source and then further remind yourself that you came from that source! With this knowledge, you will revolutionize what you think you are capable of. I would challenge you to take it further than one day, but first things first. Enjoy my friends and always remember: Life is good!

God Bless,


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