In the first two installments of this series we talked about what inflammation is and how it completely destroys your metabolism and your overall health.

In today’s final installment I want to give clear indication as to what to eat and what not to eat so let’s just jump right in!

Avoid Your The “C’s” and Your 3 “S’s”

These are the biggest offenders of dietary inflammation on the planet and unfortunately they are found in most processed and restaurant based foods. These are industrial seed oils and they have been through many high heat destructive processing procedures that have major deleterious effects on your health and wellness.

Here are the three “C’s”

-Corn oil

-Canola oil

-Cotton Seed oil

Here are the three “S’s”

-Soybean oil

-Safflower oil

-Sunflower oil

In addition you would be wise to avoid rice bran extract and grapeseed extract.

Foods Containing The Three “S’s” and Three “C’s”

MOST processed foods! So if it is nicely packaged up in a can, bottle, bag or any other convenient container, chances are good that it has it’s fair share of these oils. Be very scrupulous as you are reading the labels of any processed food and make sure to avoid these like the plague. If you really want to make this process a lot easier then I would strongly advise you to avoid processed food all together and consider something like the Paleo Diet.

-Restaurant Foods. This one is a little depressing I will admit. Most restaurants use these oils because they are extremely cheap and provide a positive ROI on food purchases from their vendors. Be particularly wary of salad dressings, but also realize that just about any food can be infested with these nasty oils. Be it meat, fish, pasta bowls, sea food or any other common food, these oils are likely be be part of these foods, so please be sure to call in advance to the restaurant to see what oils they use. As a general rule I will bring my own homemade salad dressing to a restaurant if I am not sure and just order a salad without their dressing.

Refined Sugar/Refined Flour/Additives/Preservatives/Artificial Sweeteners/Artificial Colorings/Non-Organic Foods

What do all of these things have in common?

They are NOT included in REAL organic foods! They simply do not exist in foods that Mother Nature provides for us!

Our real problem comes from the fact that we are addicted to convenience at the expense of our health! We simply do not have the stomach for real food preparation like our ancestors did for millions of years.

Commit Yourself To REAL FOODS!

I know you might be wondering what you can eat at this point, but just hang with me for a second.

I can promise you that it will suck for a moment when you are weaning yourself of these highly addictive foods, but I will also promise you that when you start to eat real whole foods again in your diet that your inflammation level will gradually start to go down along with physical and mental pain.

Decide today what you want. Do you want to be like most that whine and complain that these oils are in all of your favorite foods, or are you going to be the proactive one that actually changes what you eat and thereby eliminate processed foods?

I know that if you truly value your health, you will not let “convenience” stand in your way.

I know you can do this! As I alluded to earlier my most powerful suggestion is to make this easy on yourself and try out the Paleo Diet. It mimics what our ancestors ate and it automatically eliminates most of the inflammation causing foods that are so rampant in our modern standard American diet.

I will end with this powerful promise. If you want to truly lose weight and boost your metabolism through the roof, try eliminating processed foods for the next 90 days and see what happens to your weight and your overall health.

There are foods and factors that contribute to inflammation, and I will cover those in a later post, but for now this is a great place to start. Try it for the next 90 days and let me know what happens!

Life is Good!

P.S. If you would like help in coming up with a dietary plan customized for you we can help! We offer a FREE consultation where we can discuss your unique situation and come up with a plan that will help take your health and fitness to the next level! Book your free one-hour consultation here:

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