Hello, my friends!

I hope you are enjoying this time of year as much as I am!  If you are a sports fan, this is a great time of year, not to mention the weather we have been having–My goodness!

Today, I want to share some random quotes from some of my family, friends, and clients.

“I actually LOVE Mondays. They represent a new week, and they give me an opportunity to do what I love to do”

“Man, I HATE Mondays!!  Talk about an uninspiring day!”

“I am getting too old. My body aches all of the time, and my energy feels like it is getting sucked out of me by the minute”

“I just turned 50 years old, and I literally feel like I am 35. As hard as the exercise can be, it sure pays off”

“I don’t have time for food prep, Griff. I barely have time to eat as it is”

“I have been food prepping for 6 weeks straight now, and it has made my life so much easier!”  (from one of my students in my latest Sugar Freedom course at MACU)

If you were paying attention, you may have noticed that these contrasting statements were made about the same topics!  So, how does this happen?  How can somebody be completely optimistic about a day of the week, while somebody else takes the opposite view?  Is this just chance?  Not at all.  It comes down to a different set of VOICES that speak daily in these peoples’ heads.

As I always say, “all actions are belief driven.”  So, if you are hosting a belief that says, “Mondays are horrible” then your Mondays will take on that role.  Alternatively, if you host an internal dialogue that says, “Mondays are a great clean slate full of opportunity,” you will manifest a great perception of Monday into reality. Isn’t that cool?  Isn’t cool that we human beings have the ability to give anything that happens to us in life a MEANING?  I find it intriguing that the meanings we give will, in large part, determine our mood, emotional status, and behavior.

Life is full of choices, not the least of which are the thoughts that we CHOOSE to have.  Today, I challenge you to rethink the “negative things” in your life. For example, if you tell yourself that you don’t have “enough time,” then stop, evaluate your life, and realize that you can instantly change the way that you think about your relationship with time.  You can re-prioritize and view time from the mentality of abundance rather than from the lens of scarcity.  It is your choice, and your choices always have consequences.

So, there you have it my friends!  Enjoy your week knowing that you are in control of the voices in your head and that you are ultimately manifesting the life that you desire to live.

Life is Good!


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