…but the Resultant Failure is Akin to A Mental Hang-Over That Dooms Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Many of us make excuses to justify our actions, such as, “it’s my gene’s fault that I am overweight”, or “I am too busy to exercise”.  We all have excuses although it is very difficult for us to admit them and even more difficult to change our actions.

The Solution?

At Lifelong Fitness we understand that the most powerful tool of change is the mind, followed by actions to change your current habits.  Our approach to help you change your habits has already been discussed.  First you must change the mental before the physical.  Second, you must change your nutritional lifestyle.  Third, you must become educated, accountable, and be consistent.  Fourth is what we are currently discussing and it is a culmination of the previous 3 ingredients…habit change.  If you never change your long-term habits your lifestyle will never change and you will always fall short of your health and fitness goals.

Why is it so important to have an educated and qualified Personal Trainer?

1- So That They Can Customize Your Program To YOUR NEEDS!

-Most Personal Trainers take a cookie cutter approach to every client, never addressing individual needs and peculiarities.  You have special goals, wants, needs, and visions and we respect that.  With that respect we give you a trainer who has formal training in exercise prescription so that you are guaranteed to get an exercise program that is completely customized and tailored to your exact needs!

2- So That YOU become EDUCATED!

-It is one thing to go to the gym and be told what to do by a Personal Trainer.  It is an entirely different thing to be taught by a professional with the intent of educating you.  We want to train you HOW to work out, so that you feel confident in doing it by yourself when you leave us!  This also pertains to nutrition!  We want to teach you principles that will last a lifetime!

3-So That They Can Hold You Accountable!

-A recent survey by the National Strength and Conditioning Association ( indicated that one of the top reasons that people fail with nutrition and exercise is that they do not make themselves accountable to somebody.  We understand the value of accountability and have formal system in place to ensure your success.  Once we customize your exercise program you will be held accountable to it!  This also applies to the Lifestyle Coaching.  We will find your biggest mental and physical barriers and hold you accountable to them in a very formal and quantifiable way.  The result is a method that keeps you on track and away from the excuses that ultimately preclude your progress.

4- So That YOU Can Remain Consistent!

-The only way that you will ever change your HABITS is by consistently performing actions that are contrary to your current actions.  Through accountability and motivation given by your trainer you will find consistency with your lifestyle change program.  No consistency no results.  Come and find out how it feels to be in control of YOU!

Life is Good!

This a a description of some of our services at Lifelong Fitness but it also has some good points that anybody can use when trying to change one’s lifestyle.  It also helps you out if you have ever considered the services of a Personal Trainer.  Enjoy!

By virtue of you reading this website I would bet that you are wanting to change some habits in your life that keep you from looking and feeling the way that you want too.  I want you to picture your average day from top to bottom.  What do you see?  Chances are that you do some of the same things over and over again.  You go to work, you attend to your kids, you consume food in regular meals or you graze throughout the day.  Whatever your day consists of one thing is certain…the way you look and feel at this very moment is directly related to the habits that drive your actions on a daily basis.

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