Working with Ryan at Lifelong fitness has been a massive factor for change in my life. I knew that I could stand to lose some weight and eat healthier foods. When I stepped on the scale and it spit 325 back at me I knew it was time to take action. I started limiting the things I ate and watching my diet more carefully but it wasn’t enough. The nutritional changes and exercise regimen needed something formal and tailored for me. Ryan was able to modify my foods and still keep us eating things that we enjoyed as a family. He took the time to understand my body and teach me how to take care of it the right way. I now know when and how to eat; and understanding my body has allowed me to drop down to a current 280 and I’m looking forward to the 260 mark sometime this fall. I love the LIFE-LONG changes, education, training, support, encouragement and results that I get at lifelong fitness!

-Matt Pack

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