My observation for this last month is that there is a “HUMP” that all new clients must pass over. The road leading up to the hump is the road of “no-habit”. The road after getting over the hump is “habit”. The difference is that the road leading up to the hump is difficult and frustrating at times. The chances for truly changing your lifestyle leading up the hump are truly dismal if you do not Persist through the hard times.

My Suggestion: This is such a pivotal moment in your lifestyle change that you cannot afford to be inconsistent. Enlist peers, loved ones, friends, and any other person that you can be accountable to, so that they can help you in your quest. Also, please take advantage of you trainer. They are NOT just here to help you through your workout. They are here to help you change your lifestyle for the rest your life, hold you accountable, coach you through your hard times and be the motivation/inspiration that you need at this point to keep you consistent… the key to your success!

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