Red Meat & Cancer: From The Meat OR In The Meat?

Hello, my friends!

Most of you have undoubtedly heard of the recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) that strongly links meat to cancer. According to WHO, processed meat can lead to several types of cancer, including stomach and colon cancers. WHO also claimed that, in addition to processed meat, it was “probable” that red meat also increases the risk of cancer.

My reaction to this is two-fold. First, the claim that processed meat leads to cancer is not shocking in the least. In the study, WHO defined processed as smoked, cured, or salting. I fully agree that PROCESSED meats can and do lead to cancer. This is something that the holistic community has been claiming for decades now, much to the dismay of conventional food manufacturers and scientists.

However, their claims regarding red meat seem questionable and NOT thoroughly investigated for the following reasons:

  • -The study did not differentiate between processed and natural. In other words, it is practically guaranteed that the meat studied did not come from free range and organic sources
  • – Because the meat they studied was most likely not free range or organic, of course it was loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones, and other fillers (such as saw dust, cement powder, plastics, and sewage) that are routinely given to cows to fatten them up. The reason that conventional farmers want fat cows is so they can sale them for a higher prices based on their weight!
  • -Fat stores toxins! So the fatter a cow gets, the more toxins their fat will store. This means that it will store ALL of the aforementioned “feed” which is loaded with carcinogenic material!
  • -The study also implicated that carcinogens are formed with high temperature cooking. This I agree with. There is no need to overcook meat as it does increase carcinogenic agents.
  • The bottom line is this: Meat coming from NATURAL and unprocessed sources will not elevate your risk for cancer. I would love to see a study that takes out all of the aforementioned additives and see if the raw, unadulterated meat still causes cancer. Think of it this way: If the animal is eating 100% natural food as natural intended it, what possible substance within that meat could possibly give you cancer? It is only when we play God and try to “one up” God’s natural food when we get in trouble.
    In fact, I will go on record and guarantee that it would not. Think of it: For thousands of years, our ancestors have all eaten red meat and were never plagued with cancer as we now are because they consumed it from a raw, organic source!

Lastly, consider that the study overlooked the fact that the red meat that they studied was ALSO PROCESSED by virtue of studying meat that is not natural! It has been processed with hormones, antibiotics, and other cancer-causing filler that passes as food for these animals.

A little common sense will go a long way here, my friends. Eat what is natural; do so in moderation, and you will be fine! Stay away from processed foods that your body was never designed to eat! Nutrition need not be complicated. We are the ones who make it complicated by taking what is natural and then doing our “man made” tricks with it.

Here is the article if you are interested. Have a great day, my friends, and always remember . . .

Life is Good!


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