After spending my 20’s having kids and being a stressed out, busy, working mom, I found myself in bad shape. By age 34, I was on medication for high cholesterol, depression, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and degenerative discs in my back. I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without getting winded. My knees were wearing out. I had digestive problems and constant headaches. My self esteem was really, REALLY low. And worst of all, I couldn’t keep up with my family. With a low thyroid, and the combination of all my other health problems, I had always had a difficult time losing weight and keeping it off. I lacked will power, motivation, and I’m sure I was addicted to food.

I realized that I was cheating my family out of the mom and wife that they deserved to have. I also realized that I was disrespecting myself by eating the horrible foods I ate, and by letting my health get so bad. So I decided I was done with that version of myself. I threw away my medication, and started training at Lifelong Fitness.

Since starting at Lifelong Fitness, I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10. I have gone from 32.5% body fat to 20.5% body fat. I no longer need medication for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, or degenerative discs. I have very few headaches now, and as long as I eat right, I don’t have any digestive problems. I can squat down to pick things up (no more bending over at the hips)! I can keep up with my family now, and this summer my son and I even competed in a 5k run together. My self esteem is higher, I am more comfortable in my own skin, and I feel so much better!

Brittney has given me the tools to keep the weight off, reach my fitness goals, and maintain this healthier version of myself for life. I am implementing my fitness plan into my family’s lifestyle, and now my children are learning how to eat healthy and exercise so that they can prevent the health issues that come with being overweight. I know that Brittney and Griff have my best interest at heart. They genuinely care about me and my success. I am so thankful to Lifelong Fitness for changing my life forever!

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