My first meeting with Ben I was told that I could see results as early as three months. I never thought I would see the results as quick as I did but I followed the nutrition and workout program as close as possible but deep down figured that at 42 I would never see body fat under 15 percent again – I was wrong. I also didn’t realize that shaving my head would become part of the gym uniform but I am adjusting.

– Sheldon Killpack

His original measurements and current measurements are as follows:

02/02 (Pre-Test)
Bodyweight 224 lbs
Bodyfat 23.3%
Neck 18 (in inches)
Shoulder 46.5
Chest 46.25
Waist 39
Abdominal 41
Buttocks 43.5
Proximal Thigh 24.5
Mid Thigh 21.75
Distal Thigh 18
Knee 17.25
Calf 15.5
Ankle 10.5
Biceps 15
Forearm 12.5
Wrist 8.5

10/01 (Post-Test)

Bodyweight 210.4 lbs
Bodyfat 10.4%
Neck 17.75 (in inches)
Shoulder 50.25
Chest 45.25
Waist 36.15
Abdominal 36.5
Buttocks 40.5
Proximal Thigh 23.25
Mid Thigh 22.25
Distal Thigh 20.15
Knee 15.85
Calf 16
Ankle 9.75
Biceps 16.15
Forearm 13.15
Wrist 8.5

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