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New Years Special

Hello my friends!

Happy New Year!  2022 is upon us and as I alluded to in an earlier email I wanted to dish out my once-a-year specials that we only give out in January.  That is not to say that I don’t do any other specials later in the year but this is the one that my clients rave most about.

I am going to break this down into three categories (I included former and new clients in case you want to spread the word.  If they end up signing up because of your referral I will reward you will 2 FREE SESSIONS!)

Category #1
: Active Clients (meaning you are currently training at LLF)

This is BY FAR the most popular was the pay in full discount.  Here is how it works. If you pay for a 20, 36 or 50 session package in full I will discount each session by $5 which turns into substantial savings.  Please note that is does NOT include the 10 session package.  Here is the breakdown:

-20 session Level I normal price:  $900
Discounted price: $800

-20 session Level II normal price: $1000
Discounted price: $900

36 session Level I normal price: $1539
Discounted price: $1359

-36 Level II normal price: $1719
Discounted price: $1539

-50 session Level I normal price: $2025
Discounted price: $1775

-50 session Level II normal price: $2275
Discounted price: $2025

*Special Note* We have increased our level II pricing by $5/per session.  HOWEVER if you are a current Level II client you will be grandfathered into the old pricing for as long as you stay with us.  If you take a break and then come back then the new pricing will take affect.

Fine Print:

-If you are in a current package you can proactively purchase your next package and receive this discount.  However you will still be obligated to your current package and to the payment schedule that you have committed to.

This discount cannot be combined with any other pay-in full discounts that are normally available or with any other discount.  This is includes the 3 free sessions on the 50 session packages (they will not be included in this special but you will still end up saving more $ this way;)  The prices above are final.

-These ONLY apply for a pay in full and do not apply to payment options.

-If you are in a group or family rate we will calculate your discount separately.

Category #2
: Former LLF clients

If you have trained at LLF before you will receive the following discounts:

10 session package: $50 off
20 session package: $80 off
36 session package: $100 off
50 session package: $150 off

Fine Print:

-Level II pricing has increased by $5/session from what you see above for the Active Clients because they are grandfathered into that pricing, so essentially you would get the “normal” price as listed above with the discount.

-These cannot be combined with pay-in-full discounts or any other discount.

-Applies to both Level I & Level II packages

-You need not pay in full to get these discounts.  You can build them into your payment schedule.

Category #3: New Clients

-2 Free “Test Drive” sessions with no obligation to continue. A free consultation is also included

10 session package: $40 off
20 session package: $60 off
36 session package: $80 off
50 session package: $100 off

Fine Print:

-Cannot be combined with any other discount
-One time offer only

Expiration for ALL of these offers:


Thank you my friends and remember…

Life is Good!

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