Howdy all!  I just got done putting together a Powerpoint Presentation for a company that I will be speaking at tomorrow.  I thought that I would cut and paste the contents of it here so that you too can benefit from it!  It is broken down to Beginner and intermediate levels.  If you have any questions about what is written PLEASE let me know and I will get you on the right track!

I hope that you enjoy, and remember…life is good!

Resistance Training Programming: The Basics

•If you’re a beginner (0-6 months) you must start with a Foundation Mesocylce

Foundation Guidelines:

– 2-3 weight training sessions/week –Work “major” muscle groups –Stay within 10-13 total exercises

–Work the full body with each workout

–Allow at least 48 hours rest between workouts

–Select exercises that will challenge balance and proprioception (stability exercises)

–Select exercises that you enjoy doing (at least at first)

•Programming Considerations

–Circuit Vs. Station…which is best for you? (Previous blog entry on this site…read the whole thing for details)

–Station Training: Rest approximately 1-1.5 minutes per session

–Circuit Training: Little to no rest in between exercises.  2-5 minutes of rest between circuits

–Rep Range (the amount of repetitions lifted per set) •10-15 per set for adults •8-15 for kids/adolescents

–Progression Model:

Linear • When you reach your rep range max for ALL sets, you can then increase your weight and start back at the bottom or middle of your rep range

Intermediate Resistance Training Programming
(6-24 months)

•Circuit Training:

–15-20 total Exercises

–Maintain Muscle Balance

–Heart Range typically between 120-150 BPM depending on age

–Can incorporate isolation exercises now •Station Training

–15-20 total exercises

–Rest 1 minute between exercises

–You may superset or compound at this point (explained in the next slide)

Programming Considerations

–No rest between exercises for circuiting

–Rest approxiamately 2-3 minutes between circuits

–Select exercises specific to your sport if you engage in athletics

–Station Training Super Sets…Taking one muscle group and paring it with the antagonistic muscle group

–Example: Super setting your Biceps with your triceps

–Supersetting Rest Period: No rest between the two exercises but 1-1.5 minutes of rest between the actual super set.

Compound Sets: (Only to be done with 12 months experience)

–Working one muscle group twice in the same set with a different exercise

–Example: Bench press (chest) compounded with a fly (also chest)

•Rest: :45-:30 between exercises •1:00 to a 1:30 Between compounds

•Be sure to listen to your body

•Rep Range: varies depending on goal, but generally 8-12 at this point

•Compounds are very demanding to be sure that you are physically prepared for them

A Sample Foundation Program (station)

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
DB Incline Bench Press 2 10-15 1:00-1:30 between sets
DB Squat and Press 2 10-15 Same
Push-Ups 2 6-15 Women: do on knee’s
Wall Swiss Ball Squat 2 10-15 Same
Lat Pull-down 2 10-15 Same
T-Row (or Row Machine) 2 10-15 Same
Single Leg DB Upright Row 3 10-15 Same
Thera-Band Posterior Deltoid Lateral 3 10-15 Same
DB Standing Curl 2 10-15 Same
Tricep Push-Down 2 10-15 Same
Forearm Flexions 2 10-15


Well there you have it my friends…short and sweet but hopefully it will give those of you that are new to weight training some good tips!  Again if you have any questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to help you out!


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