Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is The Fattest Of Them All? Part III

Engineering Your Own Reflection Hello there, my friend! How are you? I hope you are treating life well, and I hope that it is reciprocating. I hope you have had the chance to read the first two installments of this blog post. If not, then go back and read up! This article will make no […]

6 Ways to Ensure Your New Years Resolutions!

I am often asked questions such as “why is eating right so hard?” or “When can I find the time to workout 4-5 days per week?” or “How can I keep my New Years Resolutions!” Napoleon Hill, famous author of the book “Think and Grow Rich” is quoted as saying “failure seems to shrink and fail […]

Excuses & Meme’s…Ensuring Your Health and Fitness Demise: Part I

You may be asking yourself…what the heck is a meme?  The word meme is derived from a branch of Psychology called “Memetics”.  Memetics is the study of human behavior BASED on certain psychological beliefs.  In other words it is the study of mental habits.  If I believe that I am a fat, and unattractive slob, […]

Starting a Weight Training Program? Here Is The Need-To-Know Essentials!

Howdy all!  I just got done putting together a Powerpoint Presentation for a company that I will be speaking at tomorrow.  I thought that I would cut and paste the contents of it here so that you too can benefit from it!  It is broken down to Beginner and intermediate levels.  If you have any […]