Making Excuses May Make You Feel Better for the Moment…

…but the Resultant Failure is Akin to A Mental Hang-Over That Dooms Your Healthy Lifestyle! Many of us make excuses to justify our actions, such as, “it’s my gene’s fault that I am overweight”, or “I am too busy to exercise”.  We all have excuses although it is very difficult for us to admit them […]

Face Your Fears and Succeed!

I am often asked questions such as “why is eating right so hard?” or “When can I find the time to workout 4-5 day’s per week?” To answer these questions refer to our last newsletter on Plateau Busting. In this issue I want to stress the importance of being persistent. Napoleon Hill, famous author of […]

Exercise is Medicine: Exercise VS. Anti Depressants

I always marvel at human behavior as we tend to selectively become more active during some times of the year to the neglect of others.  Summer time and the month of December are two times those come to mind.  In the summer time some of us become very active while other tail off completely and […]

Cardio Vs Weights: Finding the true balance to fat-burning success

Every day I hear quotes such as the following: “I want to lose fat, so I will start doing cardio for the first six months and then I will start the weights AFTER I lose the fat”, or my all time favorite, “I just do cardio to keep the fat off”.  The problem with these […]

A Nearly Perfect Recipe for Lifelong Lifestyle Change

Wow!  It is already Summer 2010 and man are we feeling it!  I don’t think too many of us object to the warmer weather!  Summer is a time that reminds us that life is to be lived ACTIVELY!  During the winter it is much easier to get into an “office” or “house” routine that limits […]

Your 10- Step Recovery Program in becoming Excuse Free: Part I

In my nearly 10 years of service in the health and fitness industry I have seen a common thread among those who fail at changing their lifestyle.  That thread I am referring to is that of excuse making!  We all have them and we all know deep down that they hinder our efforts to succeed […]

The Absolute MUST Non-Nutritional Checklist

Please let me clarify this title if you find yourself confused.  Two days ago I posted a posting labled “The absolute Must Nutritional Checklist”.  This particular blog was talking specifically about nutritional guidelines as it pertains to things that you should and should not eat.  This post is talking more about guidlines that will keep […]