Cardio Vs Weights: Finding the true balance to fat-burning success

Every day I hear quotes such as the following: “I want to lose fat, so I will start doing cardio for the first six months and then I will start the weights AFTER I lose the fat”, or my all time favorite, “I just do cardio to keep the fat off”.  The problem with these […]

A Nearly Perfect Recipe for Lifelong Lifestyle Change

Wow!  It is already Summer 2010 and man are we feeling it!  I don’t think too many of us object to the warmer weather!  Summer is a time that reminds us that life is to be lived ACTIVELY!  During the winter it is much easier to get into an “office” or “house” routine that limits […]

I am Sooo Ready to Exercise…Are you Really? (Part I)

This is an article written to illustrate was sometimes happens to people that start an exercise program. They start out with overwhelming enthusiam but start to taper off when the going gets tough. The goal of this ongoing article is to show you the potential mental barriers that stand in the way of starting an new lifestyle.