Enriched, Processed and Bankrupt!

How Processed Foods Destroy Your Health, Part I Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire: Refined Grains Most experts agree that 70% of our typical American diet is processed.  What does “processed” mean? There is a wide spectrum of what constitutes “processed,” but, generally, processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state. For example, 100% whole […]

Are You A Sucker For Sugar?

5 Ways Sugar Teases Your Taste Buds While Destroying Your Health! Ah, sugar!  That sweet little devil that teases your taste buds, tantalizes your desire for sweetness, and compromises your chances for good health!  While I have long been a passionate advocate for minimizing this “sweet evil” of our day,  I will be the first […]

Making Excuses May Make You Feel Better for the Moment…

…but the Resultant Failure is Akin to A Mental Hang-Over That Dooms Your Healthy Lifestyle! Many of us make excuses to justify our actions, such as, “it’s my gene’s fault that I am overweight”, or “I am too busy to exercise”.  We all have excuses although it is very difficult for us to admit them […]

What is the Glycemic Index? (Part 1)

Oh carbohydrates!  We hear about them all of the time!  Carbs are bad, carbs make you gain weight!  Heck, this is the only macro nutrient (carbohydrate, protein, fat) that goes by a nickname!  Having served in the health and fitness industry for more than 8 years I have found this single macro nutrient to be […]

Diets SUCK…Here is WHY!

One thing has always amazed me with the pushers of fad diets.  They all claim to have found a break-through, a real-deal quick fix, or my personal favorite…the ONLY way to lose weight quickly!  If all of these claims are true then we must be idiots to believe them.  That would mean that we would […]

Planning and Preparing Nutritious Meals for Everyone

One of the biggest barriers for EVERYBODY is the planning and preparation of meals.  I have included some information that will be helpful IF applied into your daily preparation and consumption. 1-      Plan your day one day in advance.  Yes this takes a little bit of time initially but it will save you a ton of […]

Picking The Perfect Carbs…Examples to Get You Started!

I am always getting requests from people to give them example’s of what types of Carbohydrates they should eat.    This slideshare presentation will help you understand what types of carbs you should be looking for and it also gives you examples.  If this is new to you, you will notice that it will require quite […]

5 Ways to Lose Weight…The REAL Way!

We live in such a quick fix society…would you agree?  “I want to lose weight…and I want to lose it now.  Nevermind the fact that it took me over 20 years to put on!  Ha, ha!”  At least there are some tried and true nutritional principles out there that smacks in the face of all the dieting nonsense […]

Understanding The Basics of the Glycemic Index

This week I am giving you a SlideShare Presentation that goes over the bare-essentials of the Glycemic Index.  So if you have ever struggled with which carbohydrates to consume and which ones to avoid, this presentation will help you out.  It is a bit lengthy (16 minuntes) but it will be worth it for you, […]