The Transgression of Trans Fats

The Transgression of Trans Fats Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire: The Long Awaited FDA Ban on Trans Fats! Hello, my friends! I hope you are treating life well, and I hope that it is reciprocating! If you have not heard the good news yet, I am here to spread it! It looks as though the FDA is […]

Ego Fit – Getting In Shape For All Of The Right Reasons: Part II

Ego Fit Getting In Shape For All Of The Right Reasons: Part II Hello, my friends!  I hope you are treating life well!  In the first part of this blog, I spoke about the difference between muscle, strength, and even “fitness” versus true health.  Today, I want to take it one step further. When I […]

QOTW – Average

Especially during the holidays it is hard to stick to your goals!  People constantly pushing you to just skip the gym or eat all the dessert!  Remember, that is what the average America does!  Keep to your goals and stick to it through the holidays!

Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire: BHA

Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire Benzoate Preservatives: BHA Fuzzy Little Health Food or Colossal Carcinogen? Hello, my friends!  I hope you are treating life well!  In this addition of the Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire, you will learn more about a chemical that is likely in your diet if you are eating processed and packaged foods: Butylated hydroxyanisole, or […]

Enriched, Processed and Bankrupt!

How Processed Foods Destroy Your Health, Part I Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire: Refined Grains Most experts agree that 70% of our typical American diet is processed.  What does “processed” mean? There is a wide spectrum of what constitutes “processed,” but, generally, processed foods are foods that have been altered from their natural state. For example, 100% whole […]

Are You A Sucker For Sugar?

5 Ways Sugar Teases Your Taste Buds While Destroying Your Health! Ah, sugar!  That sweet little devil that teases your taste buds, tantalizes your desire for sweetness, and compromises your chances for good health!  While I have long been a passionate advocate for minimizing this “sweet evil” of our day,  I will be the first […]

Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire – Benzoic Acid

Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire Hey, Hey!  How the heck are you, my friends?!  I hope you are treating life well, and I hope that it is reciprocating.  In this unit of the Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire, I will expose an ingredient found in almost all soda pop and energy drinks.  Furthermore, I guarantee that you have seen […]

Ingredient Investigator Extraordinaire – Got Energy?

Hello there, my friends!  I hope you are treating life well, and I hope it is reciprocating!  Today, I want to explore one of the most popular energy drinks on the market today: 5-Hour Energy!  To be sure, this little drink has mass sex appeal in a convenient little bottle.  It causes little to no […]

Getting Your Nutrition Back on Track! 5 Essential Steps

Without any doubt, nutrition is the hardest part for most people to master!  On a scale of 1-10 (10 being completely healthy) how would you rank your nutrition?  Nutrition truly is 80% of your success equation.  Think of it…have you ever caught yourself in a mindset such as the following:  “I workout so that I […]

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