Is Nutrition a “Spiritual Practice?”

Have you ever considered your nutritional habits as a spiritual practice? For millions of years of human evolution it was just that. Should we return to our roots?

Convenience Guide: Snack/Meal Idea’s

Remember that there is a difference between a snack and a meal.  A meal is fully BALANCED meaning that it contains all three macro-nutrient ratio’s (Carbs, protein, fat) in the correct ratio.  For example putting together a snack would mean nothing more than slamming a few crackers and calling it good, whereas if you want […]

Nutrition Morphology: Meal Pre-Preparation

One of the top reasons that clients fail to make a permanent lifestyle change is that they fail to prepare or thing about nutrition.  What do I mean by that?  Well, think for a moment about your fast paced lilfestyle.  You barely have enough time to eat a protein bar as it is!  The key […]

The Absolute MUST Nutritional Checklist

The following is a list that you can use as a nutritional checklist.  If you can answer yes to these questions you will find yourself on the fast track to success.  If you find yourself at a plateau, oftentimes you will find yourself negligent in one or more of these areas.  These principles are based […]

Ten Common Weight Loss Mistakes (made by just about everyone)

This article was originally written for Pursuits, the Official Lifelong Fitness newsletter. It sheds light on some of the most common dieting myths out there. Arm yourself with these facts and you will be ahead of 90% of your fellow “dieters” (but remember you are going for lifestyle change instead).

Common Carbohydrate and Health Food Myths Dispelled

Some of the following is taken from “The New Glucose Revolution The Authoritative  Guide to the Glycemic Index pg XVI. Myth #1:  Starchy foods are fattening and should be avoided.  Foods like bread and pasta are always cited. Reality:  Most starchy foods are bulky and nutritious.  This means that they fill you up and keep […]