What is the Glycemic Index? (Part 1)

Oh carbohydrates!  We hear about them all of the time!  Carbs are bad, carbs make you gain weight!  Heck, this is the only macro nutrient (carbohydrate, protein, fat) that goes by a nickname!  Having served in the health and fitness industry for more than 8 years I have found this single macro nutrient to be […]

Understanding The Basics of the Glycemic Index

This week I am giving you a SlideShare Presentation that goes over the bare-essentials of the Glycemic Index.  So if you have ever struggled with which carbohydrates to consume and which ones to avoid, this presentation will help you out.  It is a bit lengthy (16 minuntes) but it will be worth it for you, […]

Common Carbohydrate and Health Food Myths Dispelled

Some of the following is taken from “The New Glucose Revolution The Authoritative  Guide to the Glycemic Index pg XVI. Myth #1:  Starchy foods are fattening and should be avoided.  Foods like bread and pasta are always cited. Reality:  Most starchy foods are bulky and nutritious.  This means that they fill you up and keep […]