Blissfully Ignorant Fitness!

Blissfully Ignorant Fitness Recognizing and Dismissing Self-Sabotaging Stories in Your Mind Hello there, my friends!  How the heck are you?  I hope you are treating life well.  I want to ask you a question, if you don’t mind?  Have you ever become super excited to start an exercise program–I mean really excited, motivated, and psyched? […]

I am sooo excited to start exercising …Are you really? (Part II)

I Am Sooo Excited To Start Exercising . . . Are You Really? (Part II) Welcome to Part II of “I Am Sooo Excited To Start Exercising.”  In Part I, I used a hypothetical scenario between a trainer and a beginning client.  You may have noticed that this particular client named “John” was super motivated […]

Building Character To Build Your Body: Your Essential Guide

Hey, guys!  How’s life?  Today I am going to discuss some personality traits that are 100% essential to achieving your health and fitness goals.  Let me preface these traits with the disclaimer that they have to be earned!  I would also invite you to disregard the nonsensical line of bull-crap that states: “Well, that just […]

Weight Training for Beginners!

Hey all, it’s Griff.  I thought that I would give you guys some usable information that you can use today.  Today’s video is for all of you beginning weight lifters or all of you wanna-be weight lifters!  🙂  This is not a comprehensive guide to beginning weight training, but it will point you in the […]

Counting Calories….The RIGHT Way!

Do any of you ever get frustrated with counting calories?  Does it seem like no matter how hard you try you seem to fail time after time?  Maybe you just don’t make the progress that you would like to!  Well I have both good and bad news…you are still going to have to track your […]

Eating More Frequently to Lose Weight!

I thought I would try a little different style today!  Check out this video about eating frequently to lose weight and let me know what you think.  I plan on doing more of these so please give me your feedback!  Life is good! Griff

How Much Should A Corporate Wellness Program Cost?

I found a killer article that I cut and pasted below by the Be Fit Body Organization.   Please forgive the armature nature of the cut and paste job…I am not a Word Press expert!  I love this article because it put’s a proper perspective of what a Corporate Wellness Program should entail and how much it should cost.  I […]

5 Simple Reason’s Your Company Is Not As Healthy As It Should Be!

I hear you thinking already…”oh no…I am in for a blog that talks about statistics and ROI with Wellness Programs”.  Well, today is you lucky day because that is NOT what I am going to talk about! What I want to share with you today is 5 things that affect the very CULTURE of your […]

How To Get Fit: Forget Your Body and Focus On Your MIND!

I am fascinated by Social Media and Social Networking.  I am always amazed at the breadth of knowledge that is housed within “focus groups” and the like.  I feel like I have become a more proficient health professional as a result of all of “your” brains.  I am also a man that recognizes and appreciates […]