What is the glycemic Index? (Part II)

A couple weeks back I posted the first installment of this article that will help you understand what the basics of the glycemic index are.  Today I want to continue speaking about the power of the glycemic index in helping you to change not only your physical body but also the more important things like energy […]

Convenience Guide: Snack/Meal Idea’s

Remember that there is a difference between a snack and a meal.  A meal is fully BALANCED meaning that it contains all three macro-nutrient ratio’s (Carbs, protein, fat) in the correct ratio.  For example putting together a snack would mean nothing more than slamming a few crackers and calling it good, whereas if you want […]

The Absolute MUST Non-Nutritional Checklist

Please let me clarify this title if you find yourself confused.  Two days ago I posted a posting labled “The absolute Must Nutritional Checklist”.  This particular blog was talking specifically about nutritional guidelines as it pertains to things that you should and should not eat.  This post is talking more about guidlines that will keep […]

The Absolute MUST Nutritional Checklist

The following is a list that you can use as a nutritional checklist.  If you can answer yes to these questions you will find yourself on the fast track to success.  If you find yourself at a plateau, oftentimes you will find yourself negligent in one or more of these areas.  These principles are based […]