Excuses & Meme’s…Ensuring Your Health & Fitness Demise: Part II

Please read part I posted last week to shed light on what I am about to suggest in this post.  Last week I told you that all of us have meme’s and that they act to impede our fitness and nutrition goals.  Today I would like to give you some simple steps that you can […]

Excuses & Meme’s…Ensuring Your Health and Fitness Demise: Part I

You may be asking yourself…what the heck is a meme?  The word meme is derived from a branch of Psychology called “Memetics”.  Memetics is the study of human behavior BASED on certain psychological beliefs.  In other words it is the study of mental habits.  If I believe that I am a fat, and unattractive slob, […]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Screw Up Your Health and Fitness (Part II)

Hey all!  Happy Friday and I hope you all had a great and healthy week!  If you did not have a healthy week then shame on you slacker! J  I actually had a fantastic week as we landed a Corporate Account that I feel will be great.  Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed last week’s blog […]

10 Sure-Fire Ways to Screw Up Your Health and Fitness (Part I)

Today I have had a sucky day because I rear ended somebody this morning (yes, it happens to the best of us), and when I have a sucky day, I get very bold in my writing.  So, today I would like to share some of my thoughts with you in a rather direct way.  My hope in […]

5 Ways to Lose Weight…The REAL Way!

We live in such a quick fix society…would you agree?  “I want to lose weight…and I want to lose it now.  Nevermind the fact that it took me over 20 years to put on!  Ha, ha!”  At least there are some tried and true nutritional principles out there that smacks in the face of all the dieting nonsense […]

Exercise is Medicine: Exercise VS. Anti Depressants

I always marvel at human behavior as we tend to selectively become more active during some times of the year to the neglect of others.  Summer time and the month of December are two times those come to mind.  In the summer time some of us become very active while other tail off completely and […]

Convenience Guide: Snack/Meal Idea’s

Remember that there is a difference between a snack and a meal.  A meal is fully BALANCED meaning that it contains all three macro-nutrient ratio’s (Carbs, protein, fat) in the correct ratio.  For example putting together a snack would mean nothing more than slamming a few crackers and calling it good, whereas if you want […]

Your 10- Step Recovery Program in becoming Excuse Free: Part I

In my nearly 10 years of service in the health and fitness industry I have seen a common thread among those who fail at changing their lifestyle.  That thread I am referring to is that of excuse making!  We all have them and we all know deep down that they hinder our efforts to succeed […]